Fluency Assessments made easy

Disfluency Index Counter comes to the rescue of the busy SLP with state-of-the-art technology which will make tracking syllables a breeze. The app is offer a counter that when tapped will mark each syllable pronounced. This is perfect for live counting as well as counting syllables of a recorded speech sample. Once you are done, gorgeous graphs will display results regarding percentage of disfluency in a given speech. The results can be emailed and shared to be added to your final speech evaluation report.

Two assessment modes:

Basic Counter

Advanced Counter

Download on the app store for only $9.99

I just found this app and really like it! I have used it while listening to recordings and really like the “report” given at the end.

iTunes Review, Pediatric SLP

I used the camera app on my iPhone to video my patients who stutter. When it comes to tallying their disfluencies for the iPad, I used both devices at the same time. It was super easy and the percentages is calculated at the bottom. Very easy!