Only application that teaches babies, newborns and toddlers a foreign language!

My Bilingual Baby is a teaching method developed by a Speech therapist- not just another app!

This is a teaching method to teach your baby as soon as possible to listen to the sound of a foreign language. With this app your baby will be exposed to all sounds of the Spanish language, in a variety of formats: sounds, words and phrases! These were all carefully selected to provide your baby with exposure to the Spanish language as early as possible.


We want to start teaching children another language as soon as possible. One obstacle to teaching babies is that their oral motor system is not yet developed to produce the sounds their brain knows.

While they improve their oral motor skills to be able to produce sounds and words, they are loosing the ability in their ears to listen to the sounds they will eventually produce. Therefore by the time your child is ready to speak she is only able to her the sounds she has been stimulated these previous months.

“My Bilingual Baby” will do that by auditory and visual stimulation. Your baby will listen to world phonemes until they are able to see when we will provide them with both visual and auditory stimulation to learn another language while they develop their oral motor skills to start speaking another language.

Smarty Ears is a method that uses research based and language specific materials. The vocabulary used was carefully selected according to the structure of each language. The words in this method contain all the phonemes in the language in all positions in the word.

The “Bilingual Baby method” will preserve the linguistic abilities babies were already born with while they develop motor and cognitive skills to be taught to speak the language using language specific phonemes, balanced words, language specific grammatical structures, and intonations.