Aug 03, 2010 – Smarty Ears releases the first articulation test available on a mobile device (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad). The Sunny Articulation Test is an individually administered qualitative clinical tool for screening, identification, diagnosis and follow-up evaluation of articulation skills in English speaking individuals. It was developed by Barbara Fernandes, a Trilingual Speech and Language Pathologist and Smarty Ears.

The Sunny Articulation Test can be used with individuals of all age groups. The Sunny Articulation Test is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch & the iPad.

This app features:

a. The ability to enter student’s name and track progress over time;
b. Tests all phonemes of the English language including clusters;
c. Offers two options: Screening & Full Assessment
d. The ability to record student’s production with the same tool you are using to administer test;
e. Complements information of standardized measures;
f. E-mails test results immediately after administration;
g. Provides immediate positive feedback to students throughout the test administration;
h. Sample recording of target word is available as you touch each image;
i. Ability to add notes on the app during the assessment.

Sunny was released in the app store on July 3rd and is already a successful product. Two days after its debut, Sunny was among the top 10 best-selling educational apps in the iTunes store. This is a great accomplishment not only for Smarty Ears but also for Speech therapists and the children who will have a lot more fun when going to their speech therapist.

Sunny Articulation Test is especially useful in determining patterns in the speech production of students, something that saves significant time for Speech Therapists who in the past had to analyze the words from a speech test protocol.
Now Smarty Ears not only provides speech therapists with a tool for assessment but also a tool for therapy. Smarty Ears has an app for therapy: Mobile Articulation Probes, and one for assessment: the Sunny Articulation Test.

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