Over the years I have had the pleasure to create over 50 apps that have helped not only the children of friends of mine but also children of millions of strangers world wide. Four years ago I had the inspiration to crate the first app designed to help my young son, Victor, who at the time was only 1 year old. I created a published, GoWords, which was a simple app designed to support his vocabulary development in both English and Portuguese.

Now, that I have a three year old, Alice, with language delay and struggling to start combining words to make short phrases, I decided to create an app for her. This week, Talkie ToT has been released on the App Store and I could not be prouder of this product.


Talkie Tot is special not only because I created with a special person in mind, but because I had a very special person help me on this project: my very own son. Victor recorded all the words and phrases used on the app. I made the decision to use his voice because he was always so much more motivating to Alice. We all know children often learn better from their peers and I want to use that to our advantage.

Talkie ToT is incredible because it includes a photo that represents and provides context for the target phrases, but most importantly each word is represented with symbols. We used Smarty Symbols which makes Talkie ToT a great tool also for AAC learners.

The app has there separate levels: Core Phrases, Talkie More and Action words. The Core Phrases is my favorite as it provides a variety of phrases both parents would love to hear from the kids, like ” Love you”, as well as important safety phrases such as ” help me”. The action words phrases also provide important basic vocabulary knowledge of nouns and adjective.

My plan is to create other smaller versions of Talkie ToT with other phrase types as well as apps that support expansion of utterance length.

You can try the very first level on Talkie ToT totally free here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/talkie-tot/id1461691681

I am super happy to report that Alice is now ready for our three to four word phrases/sentences level, so I guess I have to get busy and start working on that app!