Smarty Ears Announces Their New iPhone App for Speech Therapists

Jan 20, 2010 – “WHQuestions”© is the exciting new Iphone and Ipod touch application for speech therapists and children with language disorders. “WhQuestions”© targets a skill that often is impacted by the presence of a language disorder: answering questions. Now speech therapists can count on an application that will provide more than 200 questions ready to be used in therapy. The questions are grouped in 5 categories: what, where, who, how, and why. Often times, parents may feel discouraged with practicing with their child who has the need simply because they don’t feel they have the tools accessible to give their child the much needed help. “WHQuestions” is designed to empower the parents of children with difficulty answering questions with the ability to practice this language skill with their child at home at any time. In addition, “WHQuestions” comes equipped with the ability to track the percentage of accuracy so that the speech therapist can focus more on the therapy itself instead of the tracking data. “WHQuestions” is being sold for a promotional price for the first month of only $14.99 USD. When you consider how the average price of just one deck of cards that has only one type of question sold at popular speech therapy conventions costs about $14.99 and a deck containing all questions costs on average $64.99, “WHQuestions” offers a potential savings of $50 without the hassle of cards that can get lost and damaged over time. As you can see this product is offering a real value for its dollar. “WHQuestions” © was designed by Smarty Ears – an innovative company that is devoted to producing technology that can be used both in therapy and by parents of children with language disorders. If “WHQuestions” becomes as big of a hit as Smarty Ears’ first application “Mobile Articulation Probes” the company will have to start creating new applications every month. This is Smarty Ears’ second release in one month! It seems that Speech Therapists are finally joining the group of professionals that embrace that technology is just part of the reality of this new century. Are you ready for it?

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