hiring Regional Sales Supervisors

We are hiring Regional Sales Supervisors and Sales Representatives

We are hiring Regional Sales Supervisors and Sales Representatives

Ideal position for Speech-Language Pathologists and Special Educators

Update: All contracts filled

Update: All positions have been filled for the spring. We may re-open for a future cycle – you may submit your application for the next cycle.

Are you a speech-language pathologist looking to change how you contribute to our field? Do you consider yourself a self-starter and flexible? Would you like to join a powerhouse of women who are dedicated to supporting special education through technology? This may be the opportunity you are looking for as they keep conducting webinars about speech and language academy. We are hiring regional sales supervisors and looking to grow our team of supervisors that are developing strategies to curb apraxia of speech and many other speech disorders and doing outreach to schools, private clinics, and any setting that can benefit from integrating Smarty Ears’ brand new dynamic therapy solution : Speech  & Language Academy.

We are specifically looking for SLPs and Special Educators who are seeking a flexible, remote position and are willing to support our team of Smarty sales consultants.

We have two positions available:

  • Regional Sales Director – Minimum 20 hours commitments/ week
  • Sales Rep. Consultants – minimum 10 hours commitment  / week

What is the catch?

This is a commission-only position. You won’t earn any income until you and your team start selling. This may mean that you will need a source of income until the sales start coming. This can take one month or a couple of months for POs to get fully processed.

This is not an affiliate marketing position.

What is the potential:

Work from home ( or anywhere really)
Build your own schedule
Work with a team of amazing self-starter women
Build your own team (we have great candidates)
Learn the ins and outs of running a successful business
Working and reporting directly to Smarty CEO: Barbara Fernandes, M.S CCC-SLP
Unlimited earning potential
Residual income

What are the typical responsibilities of a Regional Sales Director?

Contribute to creating policies and procedures for the sales flow
Communicate and report directly to CEO
Participate in weekly meetings with other Regional Supervisors.
Daily check in with team and/or CEO using one of the provided communication methods
Onboarding process of new sales representatives
Supervise the sales pipeline of assigned sales representative
Conduct interview of sales representative in states assigned to your region
Lead training to assigned sales representatives in your territory
Outreach to potential leads
Follow up and nurture any lead in your state
Have fun in the process of building a new team and procedure

What are the ideal characteristics of a Regional Sales Director?

  • Technology must be your best friend! You will be utilizing tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Marco Polo, Asana, Canva, etc… Your ability to use technology with ease is a must.
  • Adaptable: The most important characteristic we are looking for in a sales director is the ability to adapt to ever changing plans. This is a dynamic work environment (Even though the environment will be your home).
  • This is an early stage opportunity to help build a team. The first 30 days will require the most time and commitment and flexibility in communication.
  • Must be a self-starter and able to work independently.
  • This is a medium-risk /high reward position. Medium risk because your pay is like a typical sales representative job, it required that your team starts getting contracts. High reward because there is a potential for flexibility and off-the-chart income.
  • Must be able to start within the week of contracting
  • Supportive! You will be supervising other SLPs or special education teachers. They will need your support in order to be successful.
  • Communicative: You will be conducting demos of our technologies to leads

What is the pay?

  • YOu will earn 5% of all sales anyone on your team completes.
  • You will earn 30% of all sales you make in your state in the 1st year, then if the organization renews you will earn 20% in the 2nd year, and 10% the third year. This means residual/passive income for organizations that you didn’t have to re-sell. 

About the companies:

Smarty Ears was founded in 2009 by CEO and SLP Barbara Fernandes.  Learn more about Smarty Ears here: www.smartyearsapps.com

Speech & Language Academy is Smarty Ear’s brand new platform and the most revolutionary product to date. Learn more here: www.speechlanguageacademy.com

Smarty Symbols was born from Smarty Ears, but it is a completely separate business entity. The mom and daughter company work together often since both are in the EdTech Space. This position will allow you to work promoting both companies. Learn more about Smarty Symbols: www.smartysymbols.com

I am interested, so what’s next?

  1. Complete the application form here: https://bfernanddes.typeform.com/to/eHxhZ8ve 
  2. Wait to hear back from us. If you don’t hear back from us within 48 hours. Please email us at [email protected]
  3. Get excited!

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