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Smarty Ears’ advisory board was created in 2011.  The SE advisory board is comprised of group of individual experts that will guide and provide feedback on the development of high quality and user friendly applications for children with special needs, parents, special educators and speech-language pathologists. This committee is comprised of individuals with an expertise  in their area of knowledge and the use  of apps for education and re-habilitation. The advisory board helps us identify areas of needs for new applications, test new applications, suggest features for existing applications and provide expertise guidance throughout the development.

The Smarty Ears Advisory Board is comprised of parents, speech-language pathologists working in a variety of settings, and teachers from regular and special education settings. We are proud of our selective members that are helping Smarty Ears continue to revolutionize education. The committee members are not employed by Smarty Ears and therefore can provide a less bias opinion and feedback. They were selected as to provide a well balanced team from all settings and points of view.  We are proud of our team.

Smarty Ears thanks every one of our advisory board members for their support. It is now time for you to get to know them:

Cindy L Meester, M.S.; CCC-SLP

  • Cindy L. Meester, MS, CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist for the Osseo Area school district #279 in MN. She also works in private therapy at Speech and Language Connections in Maple Grove MN. Cindy has been an SLP for 34 years and has worked with preschool through high school clients. She is currently working in a K-3rd elementary school including three site-based classrooms for children with autism and cognitive delays. Cindy has incorporated technology into therapy sessions originally using an Apple IIe and now an iPad. She is a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the Minnesota Speech-Language Hearing Association. Her therapy blog was honored by being a 2011 finalist of the Edublog Awards in the category of Best Ed Tech/ Resource blogs. She looks forward to providing therapy ideas intended for Smarty Ears apps for the new Therapy Corner.

Tiffani Wallace, M.S; CCC-SLP

  • Tiffani has worked with all populations and ages from birth through geriatrics. She primarily works with adults with neurological deficits and dysphagia. Tiffani is VitalStim certified (2009), DPNS (2002) certified, and a Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP) Registered Clinician and have been trained in PECS (2001). She has experience with AAC, Lingraphica, Modified Barium Swallow Studies, dysphagia, aphasia, apraxia, laryngectomees, TEP placement (Provox only), dysarthria, voice, fluency, cognition, articulation and language.

Mary Huston, M.S; CCC-SLP

  • Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP is a school based SLP with James River Multidistrict Special Education Cooperative based in North Dakota. Mary has been using technology in therapy for years and has presented on the use of  iPads in speech-language therapy for multiple organizations. Recognizing a need for specific apps to use in schools, Mary authored the iPad application Categories Learning Center, co-authored the iPad app SLP Goal Bank, and currently has other apps in production. Mary is an active user of social media and collaborates with SLPs internationally on a variety of subjects via twitter (@mtmarySLP) and on her website at

Rachel Zauner Bishop , M.S; CCC-SLP

  • Rachel Bishop is a speech language pathologist providing therapy services to public school districts through TALK LC in Richmond, Virginia. She received her Masters in Communication Disorders in 2008 from The University of Virginia. She has her license in Virginia and her Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA. Rachel enjoys working with students ages 2-21 to address many different areas of communication needs. She especially enjoys finding new ways to incorporate her iPad into therapy. Rachel is married and has two children who love to help “test out” her iPad apps!

Mandy Nite, M.S; CCC-SLP

  • I am first of all a single mother of three special children. The range in ages of 5-9yrs old and have dx’s of asd, adhd, developmental delay, and more. I write app reviews for special needs in my spare time on my blog Welcome to their world apps and also have a part-time job along with my full-time Mommy job . I love learning about new apps and using them with my children. I also share the apps with the speech and language teachers, O.T.’s, ect at the school and outside therapists as well.

Mandi Schaumburg, M.S; CCC-SLP

  • Amanda Schaumburg M.S. CCC-SLP works as a Speech Language Pathologist for a non-profit organization that provides therapy services to children. She contracts to public schools, private schools, daycare centers, and early childhood intervention programs. Amanda also works PRN for nursing homes and rehab facilities to keep up her medical speech therapy skills. One of her passions in using technology (iPad, tablets, iPhone, iPod) to enhance therapy. Amanda stays active in the technology world, gives presentations, and is an author of a blog that updates parents and therapists on the use of apps in speech therapy. Amanda is married with one son and two step sons and stays busy coaching t-ball and soccer. Amanda’s son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing  Disorder and was speech delayed, giving her both the parent and therapist’s perspective on working with children with special needs.

Erin Feather, M.S. CCC-SLP

  • Erin Feather, M.S. CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist for Gothenburg Public Schools in Gothenburg, Nebraska.  Erin has served the past 10 years working with the K-6 population with about 60 children on her caseload.  She works with a variety of students who all love technology and what it can bring to a therapy session via pull-out or inclusionary services within the classroom setting.  Incorporating technology has made service delivery exciting again for students, even the most difficult to engage love technology.  Erin is married and has two boys ages 5 and 2.  She enjoys assisting with the schools one-act play productions and all school musicals.

Jennifer Shamberger, MS, CCC-SLP

  • Jennifer Shamberger, MS, CCC-SLP is a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of Michigan. She has been an SLP for over 14 years, with experiences ranging from preschool to adult rehab. Currently, Jennifer works at a K-5 elementary school including three self-contained Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) classrooms.  She has always loved using technology with her students, and now uses an iPad with a variety of apps.  Jennifer has presented on the use of apps in speech-language pathology within her school district.   She is also the author of a blog that provides resources and ideas to use in speech and language therapy.