Adjective Remix

 1. Bridging Apps High-quality and attractive images.”

2. Hanna B. gradstudentSLP  I think Adjective Remix is a wonderful addition to your iPad arsenal of apps!”

3. I Speak App At $9.99, this one’s a solid investment into the techie SLP’s app arsenal.”

4. Panda Speech  This is another great tool for you iPad if you are a speech pathologist, teacher, or parent!”

5. Speech Adventures It’s a wonderful addition to my therapy tool box and I look forward to using it with my students.”

6. The iMums Easy to use and well designed to meet the needs of parents and professionals working with children, it is a must have language app.”

Apraxia Ville

1. “Apraxia Ville is a great tool for educational and clinical speech language pathologists. It provides numerous additional ways for the individual with childhood apraxia or a severe sound production problem to work on improving phoneme production. For the reasonable cost, it is well worth the money.

Articulate it!

1. Jill Kuzma SLP “The voice recording mechanism is very good quality and is useful for student self-monitoring.”

2. Panda Speech  “This app really is a time saver and a motivator!!”

3. Peachy Speech “This app is extremely straightforward and easy to use.”

4. Play on Words “I highly recommend this app for speech therapists and parents so kids and adults can become more proficient in their articulation.”

5. SLP Learning Curve “The Articulate It app would be ideal for probes to measure baselines and quarterly progress.”

6. Speech Gadget  “All of my clients have found the app to be motivating, even those in middle school.”

7. Speech Language Neighborhood  “I have to say, I’m glad I was able to add Articulate it! 2.0 to my bag of tricks!!”

8. Speech Room News  “The price is right to have every articulation/phonology card deck into one app on the iPad. In the end, having an app that tracks great data, and includes Articulation AND Phonology in a single app, outweighs any cons I could think of!”


Articulation Scenes

Cindy L. Meester “Picture cards and worksheets work but if I get bored then I know the kids are too. I found that using hidden pictures is a way to work on targeted sounds with a fun twist. Now this app from Smarty Ears brings this twist to my iPad along with more options to spice up articulation therapy.”

Consonantly Speaking  “There are so many different sounds, words to practice, and activities that it is absolutely worth the money. It is like a therapy kit all in one place on the iPad.”

Panda Speech  “Smarty Ears has done it again! Articulation Scenes is a new creative and engaging way to work on articulation and language skills!”

Speech Room News  “The app provides opportunities to target articulation targets without the flashcard feel of most apps!”

Speech Time Fun “If you have multiple articulation students on your caseload, I would definitely recommend this app for your wish list!”

Speech2Me  “This makes all the play options so much more interesting and fun as opposed to having students just practice their target sounds while reading from therapy material books.”

Testy yet trying  “The scenes are great for keeping interest and for facilitation of carryover and generalization.”

The Speech Bubble “My students found it engaging and I liked the variety it offered.”

Common Core Early Language Screener

1. CCELS on Speaking of Apps “The CCELS is a screening tool similar to other early language screeners on the market, but priced much lower at $29.99. It’s based on the Common Core Standards that are now making their way into the school systems“.

2. CCELS on Speech Adventures: “The Common Core Early Language Screener (CCELS) has quickly earned a spot in my “favorite apps” folder on my iPad. The CCELS is very similar to many of the language screeners that are out there for preschool (CELF Screener, DIAL4, etc.).”

 3. Screening early language skills using the iPad is now possible via the Common Core Early Language Screener (CCELS)- We have not seen a good language screening app online, until we saw the CCELS:  Common Core Early Language Screenerby Smarty Ears” 

Custom Boards

1. ALLIOSNews “The Smarty Symbols library is advanced and comprehensive with vocabulary that is organized into semantic and meaningful categories (such as communication and expressions) and features a unique low frequency vocabulary not found in any other symbol library.”

2. Cooking Up Good Speech  “It’s easy to use and versatile – its possibilities are limitless!”

3. Crazy Speech World  “You can create a worksheet or activity in a manner of minutes.”

4. Hanna B. gradstudentSLP  “…I could go on and on about the over-11,000 smarty symbols you get when you purchase this app…”

5. Let’s Talk  “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this app! There are so many things to do, and so many ways to use it! I’m sure that without trying too hard, I could find some way to use this app for each and every kiddo on my caseload. Custom Boards sells in iTunes for $39.99, and in my opinion , it is very much worth the cost!”

6. Panda Speech  “Incredibly useful and well worth the money! A great investment for you iPad! A must for SLPs and teachers!”

7. Small But Kinda Mighty  “If you are a therapist, teacher or other professional who routinely uses visuals, I would highly recommend this app.”

8. SNEAK Outside the Box   “…it’s a smart little App that makes creating visual supports on the fly a breeze.”

9. Speech Lady Liz  “The signs and label option is great for making visual schedules. You can make custom schedules so easily it would be silly not to!”

10. Speech Time Fun  “I love how easy it is to use, that you can import images from you [sic] iPad, and the extensive library of images they have to use.”

11. Teaching with Technology 2.0  “Custom Boards Premium is a great alternative to other symbol sets available or it can be used to compliment what you are using in your classroom.”

12. The iMums  “With Custom Boards Premium, the possible uses are endless; it is so easy to prepare a professional-looking visual quickly and to share it afterwards. Having such a convenient tool for making customized learning materials for kids who thrive on visual cues is truly a godsend for parents and therapists.”



1. Apps4Autism  The best thing about Expressive is its ease of use. It does not require any knowledge about programming or manuals; Expressive is intuitive and simple to use.”

2. iAutism  Expressive is a great AAC app, very easy and user-friendly, that will give you a high-quality sensation.”

3. iPad Apps for Autism  Expressive will give that person the ability to express themselves through the use of pictured images and corresponding audio.”


Fun & Functional

1. Panda Speech  I consider this a must have for every SLP device! You can use this app with children and adults.”

2. The iMum  Fun & Functional provides SLPs, parents and others with a tool to develop categorization and descriptive skills by interacting with pictures and audio.”


1. Busy Bee Speech  There are a variety of options to customize the game to the needs of your individual client.”

2. Carrie’s Speech Corner  Smarty Ears has another winner with Go-Togethers!

3. Speech Time Fun  Addresses receptive and expressive and can switch between two within one activity.”

4. The iMums What we really like in this app is that the app doesn’t move to the next question automatically when the student answered it correctly. This allows the parent/SLP/educator and the student to spend some time taking in the information visually and discussing about the word associations before tapping the ‘Next’ button.”

iPractice Verbs

BridgingApps “because you can increase the difficulty of the task and work on different tenses, the app will be useful for a longer time, and you won’t have to buy a new app every time your child progresses…It is a great way to motivate and engage children in learning!”

Chicago Speech Therapy, LLC  “iPractice Verbs is a great tool to help your child take his language development to the next level using techniques approved by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Colorful, convenient, and easy to use, this app is sure to be a hit as well as a valuable resource for you and your young ones.” English “Practice verbs is a fun and easy way to learn and practice basic English verbs.”

Nancy Barth Tutoring  “iPractice Verbs is an easy and intuitive app that can be used in schools and at home.”

The iMums  “Practicing verbs has never been so easy or intuitive.”

Language Adventures

1. Language Adventures Buzz by Speech News Room “My first impression of the app is that it might help save my sanity. Am I the only one who gets a little crazy every time the dice fall off the table?! I’m doing 3 cheers that I won’t have to help remember colors of game pawns or listen to the dice go flying!

2. Review and Giveaway by ” The app allows you to choose a level, roughly geared at early elementary/upper elementary-MS/MS-HS, for up to four players with fun use of their photographs during the game.

3.  A great vocabulary boost by Teachers with Apps “Oral vocabulary is a big clue to later reading results and the rich vocabulary offered in this app will be a great boost.

4.  A motivating Board Game app by Speech Time Fun

5. Appy Hour – by Speech Lady Liz

6. Language Adventures Review by iMum – “Although this app was designed for use with students who need Speech Therapy to help work on their language skills, it is also a fun way for normally developing students to expand their vocabulary.

7.  Language Adventures on Therapy 411.comThe game can be played at 3 different levels, so never fear: this game will grow with your clients and be more than just a one-hit wonder!

8. Language Adventures on Speech Adventures Blog There are very few quality apps targeting these higher language skills. To have them targeted in such a fun way is a great bonus.”


Language Empires

1. Cooking Up Good Speech! From inferencing to sequencing to vocabulary, predicting, figurative language and WH questions, this app does it all!   If you have older students on your caseload working on higher level language goals, (such as myself) then this app will definitely fit the bill!

2. Crazy Speech World  “Overall, I love it! This app targets a lot of skills that I work on with my students and I am happy to have another tool to use for them.

3. Fun Educational AppsHaving the Figurative Language, Vocabulary, and Sequencing all in the same app just makes a teacher’s life a little easier!

 4. Let’s Talk Speech  Speech-Language Pathology  “I highly recommend this app for elementary (or even some middle school) SLPs who are targeting these skills.

5. Speech Room News   “The constant struggle for a school based SLP is group management and addressing individualized IEP goals for each student. Language Empires provides a solution, with 8 frequently addressed language skills. With this app I can work on goals for each student in a group. Way to Smarty Ears! I would recommend this app to school based SLPs.

6. Speech Therapy Now My students love it!

7. Speech Time Fun  “Smarty Ears has done it again!! They developed an app that works on higher level skills and is motivating!!

8. Speech Universe  “I like that this app has eight different frequently used language skills/goals targeted.

9. Speech2Me  “Overall, I was fascinated by the great selection of receptive language tasks in this visually stimulating app!  The developers did a fabulous job creating the themes and connecting rewards to each kingdom.

10. Talking TalkSmarty Ears Apps is perfecting the art of difficult to target areas with their newest app Language Empires.”

11. The Speech Bubble  “This app covers 8 areas that students frequently have goals for. I was very excited to see targets for How and Why, as there are not many materials that focus on these areas.

Minimal Pairs Academy

1. Speech Time Fun  “This app uses an adorable school theme. It is extremely easy to use and navigate.”

2. The Speech Bubble “I was very happy to be able to target multiple students at the same time…The data tracking is detailed and concise, and I loved that there was an option to graph.”

Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit

1. Introducing: Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit App by Speech Time Fun


R Intensive  rIntensive SLP is the only tool in the market that allows you to not only practice the production of the /r/ phoneme but also tally the percentage of accuracy at the same time with the same tool: your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. “

 Speech Room News  “I found my students were busy with the cognitive task of the game that their accuracy decreased, making this a great activity for carryover.” 

The iMums “It is a great tool for SLPs and parents of children struggling with ‘R’.”

Social Quest

All4MyChild  “It offers a great starting-off point for discussion around a variety of social concepts.”

Consonantly Speaking “There are multiple location categories and situations within each to practive problem-solving. This application can be used over and over again!”

Smart Speech Therapy LLC  “I can definitely tell you that from the students perspective it has been a welcome addition to my therapy room as it allows them to mix activities/tasks and target social skills they’ve been practicing already in a more interactive way.”

Speech Room News  “I really like some of the self talk included into this app. It’s a great strategy for our students and I like that the questions directly request those skills.”

Speech Time Fun  “This is a great app for social skills groups.”

Teachers with Apps “While this app may be geared for special needs students in the upper elementary, middle and high school, I see this app as an valuable way to teach life lessons and to practice peer pressure situations…a great app for most students.”


Speech Trainer

HowiToo  “Speech trainer can help anyone learn how to pronounce all sounds of the English language correctly.”

Maryland Learning Links  “Speech Trainer 3D users exciting 3D animations to give amazing detailed demonstrations of the correct positioning of the tongue, lips, and mouth for speech production.”

Techno Bytes  “Speech Trainer 3D is a great app to use with students with articulation issues.”

Syntax City 

1. Carrie’s Speech Corner “Syntax City is a fantastic app with lots of versatility.”

2. Crazy Speech World  “Allows for multiple player access in one session…and they can work on their individual goals…a school SLP’s dream!”

3. Nikki Heyman “Syntax City is a great app that takes the tediousness out of working on common grammar difficulties.”

4. Speech Room News  “My favorite part of the app is the flexibility that each student can work on a different goal. It makes it easy to target grammar in groups in my school setting.”

5. Speech Time Fun  “So many skills addressed!”

6. Speech Universe  “I love the real pictures that are used as the visual cues in the activities.”

7. Speech2Me  “Overall, I was pleased with this app and will definitely use it during my group speech and language sessions as it covers such a great variety of syntactical goals!”

8. Teachers With Apps  “Smarty Ears has once again created a smash hit. And, although the price may seem steep at $24.99, we highly recommend it, Syntax City is worth every penny!”


Sunny Articulation Phonology Test

1. Recording the errors on the Sunny Articulation Test is very simple.”

2. Crazy Speech World “I know this has already really helped me with screenings! You can’t beat the portability…I have used it on both my iPad and iPhone!”

3. Speech Time Fun “It is perfect for a traveling SLP. It is also great if you have a budget and want a cheap screening tool.”

4. Speech/Language? There’s an App for That…and MORE! “I think this is a really super test and app…it is very user-friendly, is comprehensive, and it is a ‘must-have’ for SLP’s!!!”


Therapy Report Center

1. Speech Adventures  “This app is amazing. It has the potential to be an incredible time saver for the busy SLP.”



1. Speech Lady Liz  All in all this app is interactive and engaging.”

2. Speechie Apps  This is a well-designed app for SLPs targeting question-answering skills.”

3. The iMums  What is superior about this app is the audio recording and playback feature where users can record their responses to questions and play them back.”