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AtEval2Go-appsATEval2Go is a revolutionary app useful for any professional resp-onsible for putting technology into the hands of students. Auth-ored by seasoned Speech-Language Pathologist/Assistive Technology Specialist Christopher Bugaj, CCC-SLP, this app is designed to help you document all observations and considerations essential to an assistive technology evaluation. ATEval2Go transfers the recording functions accomplished by paper, heavy computer equipment and other devices to the portable and easy-to-use iPad interface. ATEval2Go also allows utilization of a multi-modal method to record information while evaluating the technology needs of a student or a classroom of students, replacing other previously necessary devices such as digital cameras and audio recording devices.

Get ready to transform your assistive technology evaluations

ATEval2Go provides a guide through the evaluation process and a thorough template for technology consideration including the ability to enter text, pictures, and audio about background information, environmental observations, tools already within the environment, student abilities based on targeted goals, and potential recommendations. Using the iPad’s multi-function capabilities, professionals can take pictures, record audio, and input text directly in the app generating rich, multimedia artifacts necessary for the purposes of documentation, analysis, and contemporary report creation.

How to use AtEval2Go


There are 5 sections that need to be completed for an Assessment; these sections are represented by the 5 tabs on the left:

1. Student/ Teacher information
2. File Review / Background Information
3. Observation & Assessment
4. Recommended Strategies & Tools
5. Important Notes

AtEval2Go is easy to use and will guide you through the assessment with easy prompts and questions to complete as you follow along. You can get started by simply selecting the type of evaluation you will be completing.

Exploring the five tabs

  1. The Student/Teacher Information tab allows you select the specific type of assessment, enter identifying information about the teach or student, dates of observations , related services, etc.
  2. The file review/background information tab allows users to collect specific information about the student’s reason for referral, and current goals and accommodations. ATEval2Go allows users to create a bank of targeted domains and goals that can be easily selected for the current or future assessments.
  3. The Observation & Assessment tab is where the evaluator will start entering specific information pertaining to the assessment such as environmental observations, available/present technology, and performance in relation to targeted goals. The user is able to not only enter text information, but to also capture photographs and audio and video information.
  4. The Recommended Strategies and Tools tab is where ATEVal2Go really comes together to offer the evaluator the ability to select from a multitude of banked items in ten areas: reading, communication, vision, composition, math, organization, computer access, recreation/daily living, hearing and other.
  5. The last tab, Important Notes, gives evaluators the freedom to enter any additional information about the student, the settings or recommendations.

Pre-Existing Bank Items

ATEval2Go provides users with the ability to build banks of previously used targeted goals, accommodations, and available technologies. The app also provides the user with banks of commonly used accommodations and recommendations organized by domains such as communication, composition, reading, vision, hearing, etc. Each bank is fully customizable, allowing users to add their own recommendations to build a personalized library of commonly suggested tools and strategies. Due to the portability of the iPad, users can systematically collect pertinent data, select commonly used recommendations, and build a robust report on the fly while in the field.

Adjusting the settings on AtEval2Go

AtEval2Go allows you to customize the report with fixed information such as evaluator’s information and institution information. Since the identifying information of evaluator and setting may always remain the same, the application will automatically include this information on your report. On the settings tab it is also possible to manage the banked items. You are able to add, edit, or delete specific banked items.
ATEval2Go incorporates frequently-used assistive technology evaluation tools such as Joy Zabala’s SETT Framework, the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Assessment, the Council for Exceptional Children’s Assistive Technology Consideration Wheel, the Virginia Assistive Technology Resource Guide, as well as author Christopher Bugaj’s over 12 years of experience conducting evaluations.

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ATEval2Go was the finalist of the EduBlog Awards as one of best apps of 2013

Video Tutorials

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How to save ATEval2Go reports to your computer via iTunes

How to backup and restore ATEval2Go from iTunes

How to backup and restore ATEval2Go from iTunes

App Features

  • Access and customize banks of current accommodations, targeted domains and goals, and recommendations in a wide array of educational categories.

  • Enter text, audio, and video entry while being guided through all necessary considerations for an assistive technology evaluation.

  • Print or share complete reports with text and images via email in several formats for continued editing. Reports can also be shared to iBooks or similar applications as PDF

  • Export reports including audio and video clips via iTunes File Sharing


“One of the things I immediately loved about the ATEval2Go app is the ability to save photos, audio and video in one place for each child. In the past, I needed to use different apps to do this so this streamlines the process. It’s excellent for organizing information which is part of the assessment process. Still checking out other features.”

Karen Jankowski

“Overall, I like the app for individuals that are working with school level students. It gives you a uniformed format for reports and a fast way to select what tools you are suggesting. You are able to customize the banks quickly so you can add your own wording or special strategy. The tool allows you to capture all the information in one place and share the material with the parties that need the information in a timely manner.”

Jean V Houten

” Overall, I see ATEval2Go as a very useful tool for the school assistive tech designee, the SLP or the OT. It helps guide the evaluator, not do it for him/her which is very important for the efficacy of practice. If this app is something that you would like to have access to, you may want to present the request to your administrator to cover the cost.”

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