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Caseload Tracker is an app that helps special education teachers and speech-language pathologists to stay up-to-date on the deadlines of their students, manage their goals, and track student’s details. Caseload Tracker provides an easy and efficient was to keep track student information, while still protecting the information with an app specific password.

Caseload managers are able to use this app to enter student information such as name, DOB, case managers, phone logs, goals, disability areas, and specific information regarding speech and language target areas.The application also provides an advanced alert system that provides a color coded alert to the user as to due dates for each student. Caseload managers can track IEP meetings due dates, evaluation due dates, and eligibility due dates

Price: $14.99

Receive alerts when IEPs are due

Color coded alerts of upcoming deadlines combined with push notification alerts of total numbers of students with upcoming due dates are all SLPs and teachers need to keep up with their caseloads.


  • Add an unlimited number of students to your caseload

  • Organize students by: school, disability area, speech & language area

  • Receive color coded alerts within the application.

  • Manage student’s goals

  • Export a list of all your caseload or export the student profile information to a variety of apps

Watch the video tutorial:

Users are able to enter as many students as they would like, associate an icon to each student, and enter information on each student’s profile.

On the caseload view, you are able to narrow down students by classification, categories and by schools. This is a feature that will allow speech pathologist working at multiple schools to narrow down their caseload to a specific school.

The app is password protected which allows SLPs and teachers to keep and protect confidential information.

E-mail student lists, or specific student profile information to iBooks, dropbox, email or directly to the printer.

Download Caseload Tracker for only $14.99