Project Description

Dr. Kester founded Bilinguistics to meet the speech and language needs of children from diverse backgrounds. She co-chairs the Task Force on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity for the Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association and leads the bilingual speech-language pathology trainings for many of the Regional Educational Service Centers in Texas. She frequently provides workshops on bilingual issues and parent and teacher involvement for the State of Texas Early Childhood Intervention Program and for Texas school districts. She has performed workshops, trainings, and presentations both nationally and internationally. Dr. Kester teaches courses in language development, assessment and intervention of language disorders, early childhood intervention, preschoolers with special needs, and measurement at The University of Texas at Austin. Her research and clinical work address the important issue of differentiating bilingual children with typical development from those with language impairment, and identifying appropriate goals for intervention with bilinguals.

You can email Ellen at [email protected]