Project Description

Tiffani Wallace has been an SLP specializing in dysphagia for over 11 years.  Tiffani has been very active in the social media world creating 3 Facebook groups, Dysphagia Therapy Group, Dysphagia Therapy Group-Professional Edition and Dysphagia Support.  Tiffani is also the co-author of the app Dysphagia2Go.  She is traveling nationally and speaking on the topic of dysphagia.  Tiffani is certified in LSVT LOUD and is an MBSImP Registered Clinician.  Tiffani writes a blog called Dysphagia Ramblings and is the author  She is a 5 time ACE awardee and recently obtained her BRS-S.  Tiffani is a member of the Smarty Ears Advisory Board and very proud to be a part of the Smarty Ears family.