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Welcome to the Smarty Ears Resources Page.

We wanted to create a place where speech-language-pathologists, parents and special education teachers can come to access resources relating to using our apps, learning more about how the iDevices can support students with special education, and other tips and tricks about using apps to help children learn and communicate efficiently.

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App Reviews

Many of our apps have been reviewed by bloggers. Read up their review to learn what they think of our apps.

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Evidence Based Practice

 Learn how the Smarty Ears team integrates evidence based practice into all its apps.

Evidence-Based Practice


There are a few options when it comes to funding apps or devices. We tried to compile a few options for you here.

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App Homework

Several of Smarty Ears apps include free homework files. We have made many of them available to you here. Enjoy!

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Privacy Policy

None of Smarty Ears apps collect data over the Internet. All data is stored on your device. Learn more about our privacy policy.

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App Manuals

Many Smarty Ears apps, especially the ones for assessment and screening, have a manual that can guide you when using the app.

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Presentation Handouts

Smarty Ears CEO, Barbara Fernandes, has done many presentations on how to use Smarty Ears apps. We have made some of them available on our website.

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APPs and RTI

Many Smarty Ears apps will help you on your response to intervention plan. Learn how each app can help here!

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Apps by Goals

Do you have a particular need for an app? We have organized all our apps by goals they target. You can explore them here!

Apps by Goals

iPad Accessories

There are so many options for accessories for the iPad. We offer some input on some accessories for the iPads of SLPs.

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App Catalogs

Every year we compile a catalog to display information about all our apps. You can access a virtual copy of our catalog here.

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Once you use Smarty Ears apps you will never go back!

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