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About “Articulate it!”


Easy to use, this incredibly powerful, versatile app is jam-packed with content, not to mention beauty fully and thoughtfully designed by a certified speech therapist —“Articulate it!” is the gold standard of all articulation apps. articulate-icon2 As a finalist of the prestigious about.com’s “Reader’s Choice” award in 2012, Smarty Ears’ has refused to rest on their laurels, instead continually improving what was already the best Articulation app in the app store. “Articulate it!” is the perfect tool for both speech therapist and parents who are working with a child who has articulation delays practice their pronunciation skills.

Perfect for single user or a group of up to 6 players
!The app was designed with both parents and clinicians in mind. If you are using this app with your own child the app is able to function to meet his own own needs. Single players are able to access all functions of Articulate it!. However, if you are a speech-pathologist or a school teacher using this app with you a group, you are able to select up to six students at a time and assign individual goals for each one of your students.

Single player screen

Six players screen

For clinicians:
Multiplayer ability allows you to choose anywhere between 1 to 6 players per a session, each with their own customized targets, making for a fun and productive therapy session regardless if it is just one on one or if you are working with a small group.
For parents:
Easy to navigate menus and a built in video tutorial make “Articulate it!” an extremely user friendly and intuitive experience without compromising the very powerful versatility and features of the app. Under the guidance of your child’s speech therapist you can extend therapy time to your home. Parental involvement can significantly speed up mastery of speech sounds.
Content Rich!
Includes over 1000 images


With over 1000 beautiful images each of which are presented at the word, phrase, and sentence level (for over 3000 stimulus items) “Articulate it!” is a comprehensive app that is the “go-to” tool for a myriad of speech therapists and parents across the country!


Three levels of practice

Word Level

Phrase Level

Sentence Level

Articulate it allows children to practice the sound at progressively more difficult levels: word, phrase & sentence. The supervising adult is able to easily switch between the levels within the same session on the Flash Cards activity.


Choose from 2 Activities
Flash Cards




Versatile Targets: Choices, choices, choices!
Not only is every phoneme in the English language offered, but the student can also work on clusters, phonological processes, manner of articulation, or generate a target list based just off of the number of syllables.
Great built-in tools for self monitoring

The voice recorder: Building Phonetic Awareness
A built-in audio recorder allows students to record their voice practicing the word and immediately play it back. Combine this with the built-in audio model of each target, and students can quickly compare their production to the model. This is a superb tool for helping students become more aware of their speech which is often the first step in attempting better productions of sounds.
The camera: Use your iPad camera to promote correct placement of the sounds
Those using an iPad with a built in front camera (iPad2 or later) get an extra benefit of a “mirroring ability” so that students can watch themselves produce the word; this combined with the advice of an SLP on what the mouth movement should look like, can help guide the student to more successful attempts at the target word.

Rotate the screen to where the student is seated without rotating the iPad


The rotate button allows the adult to have the scoring buttons always facing them, while the image faces the child.

Take notes at any time during the practice


Detailed Reports
There’s no need to pull your hair out calculating percentages. With “Articulate it” the data is automatically calculated to present not only the overall accuracy of the session, but it also neatly divides the data by the accuracy of each target within each position (initial, medial, final), and within each level (word, phrase, and sentence).
The percentages are all color coded making it easy to see at a quick glance which areas the student is excelling at and which areas the student may need some extra practice.
Help keep the student’s parents, school administrators, or teachers involved with the student by emailing, or printing progress reports with the “share” button.
Handy buttons along the right make it easy to review which target words were practiced any recordings or notes that were taken, along with an easy way to repeat that particular session.
Homework: Practice makes perfect


Keep your students on track towards their goals with almost 200 built-in homework sheets. With homework for every phoneme in the word, phrase, and sentence position, it has never been so easy to share an activity for your students to practice at home. Homework can be directly printed from an “air ready” printer or emailed as a PDF.

Add your Custom Words: Create even more content!
Are over 3000 stimulus items still not enough content for you? Create your own target words! Jonathan who is working on a medial th can add his own name to the content! Personalization can be a enticing motivator and “Articulate it!” makes this easy.

Choose your scoring style

Choose between having two buttons for tracking (correct, or incorrect) or three (correct, approximate, or incorrect)


Flexible settings
With “articulate it!” you are always in
control of the app experience.
Turn on or off transition sounds
Display the written word or hide it
Randomize the images or present them in order
Work multiple times on the same image or automatically progress to the next image after scoring
Keep results visible during gameplay or hide it

Edit the word lists
Right before beginning a session, you are always presented with a list of words generated by the targets selected. This allows the opportunity to deselect any words that you may find too challenging for your particular student.

The Certificate Generator: A Take-Home prize!
articulate-img25 Has a child that you have been working with finally mastered one of their goals? Everyone loves recognition for their hard earned accomplishments and “Articulate it!” makes it easy to give a tangible form of recognition with its built in certificate generator.
Quickly generate a certificate based off the individual’s accomplishment and share it via email, or printing it directly off your iPad (with an air ready printer).
Fully Compatible with TRC
Therapy report center (TRC) is a FREE app that makes the lives of anyone with a large caseload easier.
Quickly import all of your players from TRC saving you valuable time on set up.
Efficiently sync all of the results from all of your students into TRC with just the tap of a button. Building a comprehensive progress report based off of all your work with other Smarty Ears apps.

How to use Articulate it
Adding players

Creating players on “Articulate it!” is fast and straightforward. Select “Add New” on the top left. Type in a student name in the “Name” box; then tap on the “Tap to Add Picture” area to select either a photo (from your photo library), an avatar (from over 100 built in fun character illustrations), or nothing as a visual representation of the student. Press “done” to save the player.

Editing or Deleting players

From the player menu, tap the green circle on the top right corner of the player’s picture. A popup menu will appear. This will give you the opportunity to make changes to the profile or to delete it.

Backing up and restoring from iTunes
Video Tutorial
1. Over 1000 high quality images; each image is presented at the word, phrase and sentence level for a total of over 3000 stimulus items
2. Audio models for every single word, sentence and phrase that is presented on this app (over 3000 items)! The child can practice saying each sounds on their own by repeating the voice on the app;
3. Contains ALL phonemes of the English language + R, L, and S clusters;
4. Ability to track up to 6 children at the same time each with their own separate goals, tracking and results;
5. Ability to group sounds by manner of articulation or phonological processes;
6. Built-in voice recording feature allows the children to compare their productions by comparing it with the built-in audio modeling;
7. Extremely specific results screens- give you a percentage based on phonemes/ position in the words as well as breaking the results down by word, phrase, and sentence level.
8. Note taking capability: allows SLPs and parents to take notes during practice.
9. A built-in certificate generator — create, email and print a certificate congratulating a student for accomplishing a specific articulation goal.
10. Allows you to deselect images you don’t want to practice prior to beginning the game, and the ability to skip images at any time during the game.
11. Almost 200 built-in homework sheets that can be emailed or printed.
12. Includes the ability to create and save your own custom words, phrases, sentences and images
13. a “repeat last session” button remembers each students last session making it easier get started.
14. Universal app! Looks great on iPhone and on iPad.
Watch our video for more information!

A critically acclaimed app from independent reviewers:
1. By Peachy Speech : http://peachyspeech.com/2012/02/16/articulate-it-review
“In comparing this app to Pocket SLP, students appear much more engaged and interested in Articulate it! The format, color and sound quality appear more attractive to my student users.“
2. Articulation Therapy Apps: Articulate It versus ArtikPix : http://slplearningcurve.blogspot.com/2011/11/articulation-therapy-apps-articulate-it.html
“I think if I had to choose between the two apps I would choose the Articulate It app because I love the option of working on different goal sounds at the same time and the ability to save audio recordings for each individual student is amazing!“
3.Best List of Speech Language Apps for the iPad: http://peachyspeech.com/2012/06/18/bestlist-of-speech-language-apps-for-the-ipad/
“As we talked through the pros and cons of Articulate it! and Articulation Station, we decided on (best articulation app) is Articulate It! is for the data collection and student profile features. Articulate It! allows SLPs to create student profiles that include their targeted sounds and sound level (word, sentences). It also allows users to create groups of students. That way, when you are working with a speech group the app will automatically shift targeted sounds each turn depending on the student. These features make planning and data collection very efficient for SLPs and make this app the most universal when purchasing for a large group of SLPs.“
4. Articulation App I tried out…Articulate It! by SmartyEars: http://jillkuzma.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/articulation-app-i-tried-out-articulate-it-by-smartyears/
”One of the best part of this apps is a Phrase/Sentence level offered as well. Some of the other articulation apps I have explored just have stimulus items at the word level. The voice recording mechanism is very good quality and is useful for student self-monitoring. “
5. The iMum’s Review. http://www.theimum.com/2012/05/articulate-it-by-smarty-ears-review/
“Overall, I think this is a very useful tool for SLP’s and it does a great job of collecting performance data. As a mum of 3 children with speech issues I also find it very useful for home speech therapy practice. My children definitely enjoy doing speech homework more on the iPad, and the recording feature is fun and good feedback for them, but also allows me to share how they are doing with their SLP.“
6. Panda Speech: http://pandaspeech.blogspot.com/2012/05/articulate-it-by-smartyears-34.html
“When you select a child that has already used the app, you have the choice to repeat the previous items practiced. This is handy so you don’t have re-select the phonemes/processes that you want to target. You can also see the list of words for each phoneme and hand pick which words you want to use.”
iTunes Reviews
“I can’t say enough good things about the app. It is truly good articulation therapy at your fingertips!”
by 1SuperSLP – Jun 27, 2012
“This app worked so well with my artic group! I liked how they could each be working on a different sound. They loved recording their speech and listening to it. We each rated how they did. I like the feature for keeping data too. This is a must have app!”
by Jenash789 – Jun 25,2012
“This app has it all! All speech sounds in all positions of words and phrases. I work with low functioning students at the middle and high school levels and my students love this app. hey love recording their voices and comparing their pronunciations with the app. I love the data collection capability! It’s a win-win for all of us.”
by SLPM – Jun 25, 2012
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