Must have apps for phonological awareness

phonological awareness apps

Phonological Awareness apps are the gateway to one of the most important skills when it come to the basis of learning to read.  Check out these must-have apps including the ones for expressive and receptive language development that will help you teach children the basic skills to start reading like a pro. Profile of Phonological […]

How to Teach Spelling to Your Child

Being a good speller is a gift that many of us don’t appreciate enough. There are so many ways good spelling is essential in everyday life. WHY SPELLING IS IMPORTANT? Poor spelling can greatly affect reading and writing skills. It can hinder your child’s progress in school. Teaching your child to be a better speller […]

How to Teach Phonological Awareness

How to Teach Phonological Awareness What is Phonological Awareness? Phonological Awareness is the ability to recognize the sounds of words; this is one of the vital skills that students need to acquire for reading and is invaluable for truly picking up a language. This is when kids learn how to work and manipulate the alphabet […]

Bridging the Gap Between Reading Comprehension and Speech Difficulties Through Appsread

reading comprehension and speech difficulties

Reading and speaking are directly related. Though you can read without speaking, thoughts usually come from absorbed information in which reading is a big part, and speech is the expression of thoughts. Reading, including reading comprehension, therefore, can be a problem for children with speech difficulties. In fact, studies have shown that children who have […]