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Have you ever wished that there you had one app that would keep the data from all your apps organized in one place? What about if this app could compile a report with all the results imported from all of your best speech apps?
Welcome to the Therapy Report Center
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Have you ever wished for one app that would keep the data from all your apps organized in one place? What if this app could compile a report with all the results imported from all of your best speech apps? Now, imagine if this same app would allow you to add your caseload to the iPad only once, and have all the students’ profiles exported all at the same time to your Smarty Ears apps? This way rather than adding students one by one each time you download a new app, you can have your new app ready with all your students with the touch of a button.
Smarty Ears proudly presents the Therapy Report Center– also known as the TRC. The TRC will make app use for therapy even more efficient. The TRC is now a centralized location for student’s results from all Smarty Ears apps. The Therapy Report Center (TRC) was developed specifically to make things easier for the busy speech-language pathologist and educator. With TRC managing data, caseloads, and student profiles has never been easier!
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ONE APP….So Many Features!
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Managing Student Profiles
Previously, if the student was using multiple apps, for Articulation, Language, Grammar, etc., the student profile needed to be added to each individual app. If, for some reason, it was necessary to delete the app and reinstall, all student profiles were lost. Now, with TRC it is no longer necessary to tediously add each student to every new app that is downloaded.
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Adding a student
To add a student to TRC, simply open the app and touch the “Add Student” tab on the left hand side of the screen.
To edit student information simply tap on the wrench icon on the student’s avatar.
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A blank student profile will display allowing for the individual to input all of the student’s information. Simply fill in the blanks to complete the student profile. Tap on the photo square in the upper left corner to add a student photo or use a stock image avatar.
Required information includes: Student’s name or initials; date of birth, grade, primary language, and total number of minutes/week. It is optional to add a student’s photo or avatar.
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Goal Selection
Inside the student profile is an optional area to write the student’s goals. Tapping on the “Goals” area will bring up the imbedded keyboard.
Alternately, it is possible to use the SLP Goal Bank (also by Smarty Ears apps) to input a goal by tapping on the SLP Goal bank app icon. This is easily done after the student information has been saved; or by opening the SLP Goal Bank, creating the goals, and then “exporting” to the TRC student profile.
In addition, at the bottom of the screen is an area to select keywords for targeted skills. There are several keywords built in, and a button to “add your own.” This area is a required area.
These keywords will show up on the top of the student’s report.
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Exporting students
Once the student profiles have been created, it is three simple steps to export the information to the apps.
Simply tap on the “Export Students” button in the lower left corner of the main page.
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Select the students you wish to export.
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Then select the app you want the student profiles to populate.
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It is also possible to important student profiles from the TRC from inside the apps. Simply tap on the “Import from TRC” button.
TRC Main Screen
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From this screen, the individual can:
1) Access the “about” tab to watch the Video tutorial, read how to use the app, or view compatible apps.
2) See caseload stats
3) Export Students
4) Change background color settings
5) Search for a student
6) Access student profiles and reports
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To access a student report, simply tap on the student’s avatar.
The screen will display the targeted skills, as well as the demographic information.
This screen also allows manual data entry, previewing reports, and visiting the “Reward Center.”
The Reward Center
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The Reward Center provides a motivational area for behavior or other customizable goals.
The goals are completely customizable and personalized. The student is able to select the “star” to fill the space.
This highly motivational activity can take the place of sticker charts and other rewards. The “stickers” can be emailed or printed through the “share” button.
Caseload Stats
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With TRC, it is possible to create a visual to show the total number of students, the number of Smarty Ears apps being used, as well as graphs to show details of the caseload.
Now the busy professional doesn’t need to calculate what percentage of his or her caseload is working on articulation…or is in which grade…or which apps are the most popular.
This information is easily shared by tapping on the “Share” button.
Managing Student Data
Importing Data
Nearly every Smarty Ears app has the ability to export data to the Therapy Report Center. There are two ways to import data into TRC.
Single Player
First, when in the Smarty Ears app (for example, The Basic Skills Concept Screener), it is possible to export a single student’s information to TRC. Simply select the student’s report and tap “share.”
A pop-up window will display asking how you’d like to share the information.
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Select Open in TRC and another pop-up window will display asking you to select the student.
NOTE: Be careful to select the correct student. The data will be uploaded to the selected profile REGARDLESS of the name. It is possible to delete the information if needed by tapping on the trash can icon in the student profile.
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When that student’s profile is opened, the new data will automatically show in chronological order.
The information provides the date, the app used, and student’s “report card” from the app. If the information is not needed, a simple tap to the trash can icon will delete it from TRC.
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Multiple Player
Smarty Ears has recognized that it can be challenging to import data for each student. To make things easier for the busy professional, it is possible to import data from ALL the student profiles in an app into TRC. Simply tap on the “Synchronise all results to TRC.” Most the Smarty Ears apps offer this option, although assessment apps are not. This feature is particularly valuable when the professional enters student profiles in TRC and exports information out to the apps. This helps ensure names/data all match across all of the apps.
Adding Non-App Data
Recognizing that occasionally data needs to be saved for an activity that does not involve a Smarty Ears app. While it is not possible to link non-Smarty Ears apps to the TRC, it is possible to still save that data!
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To save non-Smarty Ears data, simply tap on “New Progress Report” found in the middle of the left-hand column.
A pop-up window will display allow the professional to enter the information. Once the information is complete, simply tap “Done” and the information will show on the TRC report.
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With TRC, it is even possible to save a picture of a craft project, barrier game, or other project. Simply tap on the “Add Photo” button at the bottom of the left-hand column. TRC will ask for permission to access your camera roll. Each picture is dated with the data it is imported into TRC.
A tap on the trash can icon will delete the picture from the report.
Student Reports
Once information has been imported into TRC, the student profile will populate with the report.
A tap on the “share” button will bring up a pop-up window to select printing, emailing, or opening in another app or document viewer.
Video Tutorial
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TRC is the perfect accompaniment for data collection in Response to Intervention (RTI). By allowing the professional to input all students (not just those on IEPs), the actual number of student’s being seen is tracked. In addition, each student’s goals are unique and individualized. Because data is tracked as often as the professional desires, TRC allows the professional to monitor interventions and the student’s progress over time. Data collection has never been easier!