Newly re-designed WhQuestion! WhQuestions is now the app you have been waiting for. It is a well known fact that many children with a communication or language delay often will have difficulty answering simple Wh Questions such as “What is your name?” or “What is this?”. Children with autism even more frequently display difficulty with these skills involving basic communication.
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About Wh Questions:

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Practicing answering questions is important for any child’s language development. Many children with a communication or a language delay often will have difficulty answering simple WH Questions such as What is your name?” or “What is this?” These basic communication skills are often an even greater challenge for children with autism.
WH Questions is a single or multiplayer app designed to help children with language delays and disorders practice answering questions in the following formats:
WHO – “Who is sleeping?”
WHAT – “What do you do with a fork?”
WHERE – “Where do people cook?”
HOW – “How do you build a tree house?”
WHY – “Why do we have names?”
WHEN – “When is your favorite holiday?”



Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, WH Questions features over 400 WH opportunities to answer and ask real-world questions. With beautifully designed fun illustrations, and versatile yet real world questions, WH Questions is the “go-to” app for helping students attain proficiency at asking and answering basic questions.
Over 400 Questions
6 Types of Questions | 2 Activities

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Multiplayer Capabilities
1-6 players per a game
each player has their own individual goals


Voice Recorder
The Expressive activity includes a built in voice recorder. The ability for the student to hear their response back often provides an an extra motivation; additionally it encourages a greater self-awareness that is often essential for a student to improve their language skills.

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To activate the voice recorder tap on the record button in the top left corner of the screen.

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A “recording” message will flash across the screen. Press the stop button in the top left corner when you are finished recording.

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Press the green play button in the top left corner of the screen to playback the recording.


Data Tracking

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When the session is complete, a simple touch to the home button brings the app to the results menu. Tapping on the student’s picture will bring up that student’s data. A graph is provided showing the session date, the WH Question(s) targeted, and the percent accurate. The squares are colored coded to indicate accuracy: green 80% or better, pink under 80%, white not addressed that session.


Data Tracking


Therapy Report Center aka “TRC” is a free app
If you enter your players into TRC you can export them to Language Empires (and almost all other Smarty Ears apps) saving you time.
Additionally, you can export results from Language Empires (and other
Smarty Ears apps) into TRC to quickly build a comprehensive progress report.



Data Tracking

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WH Questions has a settings button accessible from the home page.
Customization allows the adult to tailor WH Questions for the child’s specific needs.
•Randomize Questions. By selecting OFF the questions will finish one type of WH question before moving to the next.
•Display written questions. Selecting OFF removes the written question from the picture. This is perfect for working with students who are working on attending to auditory stimuli or whose goal is to ask questions.
•Transition sounds. Allows the adult to determine if there is auditory feedback between questions.
•Number of questions per student. At times, the adult may want to ask more than one question for each student. Selecting the number of questions per student is ideal for increasing the number of opportunities per student between turns.


• Over 400 Questions
• 6 Types of Questions
• 2 Activities: Receptive (select my answers), & Expressive (speak my answers)
• Multiplayer capabilities — select 1-6 players per a game
• Built-in Voice Recorder— students can record and playback their responses
• Data Tracking — display, email, or print reports
• 4 Language Options : English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French
• Video Tutorial for a fast and easy overview of using the app
• Ability to hide or display written questions
• Ability to turn on or off transition sounds
• Ability to change the amount of questions asked of a player before going to the next player
• Ability to randomize the questions or to present them in order


Creating a player

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From the main menu select “new game” this will bring you to the “player menu”. Select “add player” from the top left. A popup menu will appear.
Type in a student name in the “Name” box; then tap on the area with the “tap to add photo or select avatar” to select either a photo (from your photo library), an avatar (from over 100 built in fun character illustrations), or nothing as a visual representation of the student. Press “save” to save the player.


Deleting or Editing a Player

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Touch the green circle in the top right corner of the student you wish to edit or delete (alternatively you can double tap on the student’s picture). A popup menu appears with the player’s info. From here you can edit changes and press “save” or press “delete” to erase the player’s info.


Deleting or Editing a Player
After creating at least 1 player

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1. Press “new game” at the bottom
2. Select one or more students by touching each player’s picture. Each selected player will be outlined in orange in order to indicate that they are selected.
3. Press the play button on the bottom right corner


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4. Select the activity: “Speak My Answers” (expressive), or “Select My Answers” (receptive).


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5. Select which wh question(s) you want the first student to work on (by default all questions areselected)
6. Press “next” on the bottom right!
7. If using multi player you will need to repeat steps 5&6 for each student as each student has their own goals. After all students


How to Play:

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The picture stimulus is shown with the WH Question posed at the top of the page and an audio recording asks the question. The player whose turn it is will be outlined in orange. The player is given three answer choices on the bottom. Selecting the correct answer automatically progresses to the next question. if an incorrect answer is selected the answer choice is taken away and the player is given a new opportunity to try again. Data is automatically collected based off the player’s first attempt on each question


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The picture stimulus is shown with the WH Question posed at the top of the page and an audio recording asks the question. At the top of the page is a record button which allows the student to record his or her answers. After recording a play button is provided to allow the student to develop selfmonitoring skills and determine if the answers make sense. Data is collected by the adult pressing the correct or incorrect buttons.
Alternately, if the target is for the student to ASK questions, the written questions can be removed to allow the student to ask the question. The Record button could be used to record the student asking the question instead of the answer. In this scenario, the adult would track if the target was asking or answering questions.

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Video Tutorial

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“I never knew that some children would need to be taught explicitly how to answer simple questions like ‘What is your name? ….For a clueless parent like me, an app such as WhQuestions from Smarty Ears is an absolute life-saver. It is designed to help children acquire the important social skill of answering Wh Questions – What, Who, Where, When, Why and How. It is easy to use and has a video tutorial for beginners.”