Smarty Ears Announces Their New iPhone App for Speech Therapists

Jan 20, 2010 – “WHQuestions”© is the exciting new Iphone and Ipod touch application for speech therapists and children with language disorders.

Designed with over 200 ready-to-use questions for therapy sessions, the app categorizes them into five key areas: what, where, who, how, and why. It offers a new dimension in engaging therapeutic activities.

Parents of children struggling with language disorders frequently feel at a loss when trying to assist their child at home. “WHQuestions” empowers these parents by providing a user-friendly tool for practicing language skills at home at any time.

Additionally, “WHQuestions” comes equipped with an accuracy tracking feature, enabling speech therapists to concentrate on the therapy instead of manually tracking data. This aids in delivering more personalized and effective therapeutic sessions.

Available at a promotional price of just $14.99 USD for the first month, “WHQuestions” presents an economical alternative to traditional methods. When compared to the average price of a single deck of question cards sold at popular speech therapy conventions, it offers a potential savings of $50. Its digital format eliminates the problems associated with physical cards, such as damage or loss.

Designed by Smarty Ears, a pioneering company known for its devotion to technology that serves both therapists and parents, “WHQuestions” is yet another innovation in their growing portfolio. Following the success of their first application, “Mobile Articulation Probes,” this marks Smarty Ears’ second release in just one month!

With “WHQuestions,” Smarty Ears has once again underscored the evolving role of technology in the field of speech therapy. The app reflects the recognition among speech therapists that embracing technology is not only an opportunity but a reality of this new century. Are you ready to be part of this exciting shift?

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