The Company

Dive into our story, explore our core values, and meet the passionate team behind our innovative solutions.

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Technology for Speech, Language, and Literacy​

Smarty Ears has been in the forefront of innovation in speech therapy, language, literacy, and communication technology. Founded in 2009, we've been pioneers in creating intuitive and engaging solutions for professionals, educators, and families, transforming the opportunities children and adults have to reach their goals.

Our Mission & Vision

Learn about what drives us to continue to make an impact in Special Education Interventions.

Our Journey

Every story has a start. Learn how one woman with an idea built over 70 special education solutions.

Meet the Team

It takes a village.  From app authors, to developers and voice professionals. Meet the individuals behind Smarty Ears.

Our Achievements

We have accomplished a lot since our journey began. Let us share the joy of our impact with the world.

Smarty Ears recognizes the interconnectedness of challenges within the special education ecosystem and has been determined to harness technology to minimize it.

Our Mission and Vision

Driven by a commitment to quality and innovation, Smarty Ears aims to transform special education through engaging, data-driven technology. We believe in the power of collaboration between therapists, educators, and parents.

Through our unique blend of content and technology, we strive to put the student at the heart of the educational process, improving efficiency and allowing professionals to focus on what truly matters.

Our solutions are more than an innovation; it’s a movement to change the status quo, enhance collaboration, and ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive.

We are dedicated to empowering educators, therapists, and families in supporting children’s speech, language, and literacy skills through intelligent, dynamic, and data-driven online activities.

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Smarty Ears is on a mission to bridge the educational and learning gap for children with special needs. We create high-quality, interactive, research-based technology that guides learning approaches with real-time child performance data. Transitioning from over 60 successful iPad apps into a cohesive learning platform, we offer a comprehensive solution that engages learners and empowers educators and families alike.


What problem are we solving?

By providing solutions that cater to various stakeholders - educators, families, and administrators - Smarty Ears is positioned to make a significant impact on the way special education is delivered and experienced. Its focus on adaptive technology, parental engagement, and data-driven support reflects a comprehensive understanding of the field's needs and a commitment to fostering positive change and growth for children with special needs.

Barbara Fernandes, M.S CCC-SLP

CEO, Founder

The Journey

From a Single Idea to a World of Solutions

Discover the inspiring story of how one woman’s vision evolved into a leading force in special education technology. Barbara Fernandes, with a dream and a relentless drive, transformed Smarty Ears from a fledgling startup into a global innovator, offering more than 70 specialized educational solutions.

"I used to be so ashamed when looking at this photograph. This was Smarty Ears 1st booth, just thee month since the birth if the company. Now I see it as proof that dreams do come true, no matter how small the start."
Barbara Fernandes

Our Years Of Journey: A Path Of Growth & Innovation


Building The Foundation

Laid the foundation of our company, establishing our core values, assembling a dedicated team.

Innovating & Evolving

Introduced groundbreaking products and services that addressed our clients' evolving needs.

Expanding Horizons

Expanded our horizons by collaborating with industry leaders & strategic partnerships enriched.

Achieving Excellence

Celebrated the fruits of our labor and the dedication of our team. With exceptional results got recognised.

Achieving Excellence

Introduced groundbreaking products and services that addressed our clients' evolving needs.

Our Achievements: A Legacy of Impact

Since our founding in 2009, Smarty Ears has been at the forefront of educational technology, reaching milestones that reflect our commitment to excellence and our positive impact on the special education community. Join us in celebrating our journey, marked by over 14 years of innovation, 73+ solutions, and the trust of 50,000+ happy users worldwide.