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Looking for Individual apps for iPad? We got 60 of them!

Smarty Ears is the leader in speech-pathology apps since 2009. We have created the most comprehensive library of user-friendly and research-based apps for speech impairments and communication disorders. All of our apps include a variety of basic features about disability learning programs such as:

Support learning and progress at home

While most of Smarty Ears apps were designed to support speech-language pathologists. We deeply believe that parents and caretakers play a significant role in supporting their child's learning in all areas.

Smarty Ears apps can support children at school and at home.

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Smarty Ears Solutions for Schools

We would love an opportunity to showcase our technology to your special education team. Smarty Ears technologies include iOS Apps, which can be purchased by school through Apple School Manager Program. Smarty Ears' learning platform, which offers a more comprehensive learning system that can be purchased directly through one of our consultants.

Smarty Ears for Rehabilitation

Smarty Ears has a collection of apps that can be used to support speech pathologists working with adults who lost the ability to communicate through speech, reading or writing skills. The apps can also serve as tools for home practice. Smarty Ears apps for rehabilitation include:

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We got all the speech therapy apps you will ever need:

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