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Smarty Ears stands as a beacon of advancement in special education and speech therapy technology.

Our Solutions Our Core Values

At Smarty Ears, we believe that our mission goes beyond creating innovative tools for speech and communication disorders. We are driven by a set of deeply ingrained core values that guide our every decision, action, and aspiration.


At Smarty Ears, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the lifeblood that has defined our company from its inception. Over a decade ago, we identified a gap in the field of speech therapy and recognized the transformative potential of technology to fill that void. With a vision to reshape therapy and learning, we took a bold step into uncharted territory.


At Smarty Ears, we recognize that the journey to effective learning is a deeply unique experience. No two individuals have the same needs, goals, or challenges, and as such, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won't suffice. Customization is not just an added feature in our products; it's an essential philosophy that informs everything we do.

Quality and Excellence

Our products are meticulously crafted with precision, integrity, and a deep understanding of the needs of special educators and learners. We don't just meet industry standards; we strive to define them. We create experiences defined by unwavering excellence, innovation, and a commitment to serving special educators with the best that technology has to offer. 

Smarty Ears Online

In our continuous pursuit of excellence and inclusivity, we are proud to introduce Smarty Ears Online – a revolutionary solution designed to empower educators, therapists, and families with the technology they need to ensure that children with language, literacy, and communication challenges have their best chance at learning.

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Apps for Mobile Devices

With a legacy of innovation and excellence, Smarty Ears has been a pioneer in creating impactful applications for speech, language, communication, and learning. Our range of 60+ apps is designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, educators, therapists, and families. Our apps are shaping the future of special education and therapy.

Smarty Ears Online

Comprehensive Special Education Solution
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Comprehensive Suite of Tools

Smarty Ears Online offers a wide range of activities and exercises that cater to different speech, language, and communication needs. It’s a one-stop solution for various therapies, removing the need to juggle multiple tools or platforms.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The automatic data tracking feature provides real-time insights and detailed reports on student progress. This facilitates evidence-based decision-making, helping directors to allocate resources effectively and tailor interventions for greater impact.

Customization and Individualization:

The platform’s ability to set individualized goals and flexible levels ensures that therapy is personalized to each student’s unique needs and abilities. This personalized approach fosters greater engagement and success.