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Transforming lives with apps that bridge speech, language, communication, and learning.


What Kinds of Apps Does Smarty Ears Have?

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Speech & Articulation

Empower speech clarity and precision with our Speech & Articulation apps. These tools provide targeted exercises and activities to enhance pronunciation, phonetics, and speech fluency.

Literacy Skills

Unlock the world of reading with our Literacy apps. Tailored to various skill levels, these apps offer engaging and interactive exercises, and support to develop essential early literacy skills.

expressive language platform

AAC & Visual Support

Enhance communication through AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) & Visual Support apps. These innovative solutions are crafted to assist those with complex communication needs.

smarty ears apps duck

Screening & Evaluations

Streamline the evaluation process with our Screenings and Assessments apps. Designed for professionals, these tools offer precise, user-friendly assessments for speech, language, and cognitive functions.


Support recovery and growth with our Rehabilitation apps. Created for clinicians and caregivers, these applications are aimed at aiding individuals in regaining lost or impaired speech, language, and cognitive skills. 

Language, Grammar and Literacy!

Categories Learning Center

Describe it to me

Following Directions Monster

Auditory Memory Club

Fun & Functional

Go Togethers

Go Sequencing

House of Learning

Is that Silly?

iPractice Verbs

Language Adventures

Language Empires

Language Trainer

Preposition Remix


Pronoun Heroes

Reading Comprehension Camp

Sentence Ninja

Social Quest

Syntax City

Talkie Tot

Verb Quest

Yes/No Barn


Speech & Articulation

Apraxia Farm

Articulate Plus

Articulation Assessment Toolkit

Articulation Scenes

Fono Logico Pro


Minimal Pairs Academy

Phono Learning Center

R Intensive

Smart Oral Motor

Speech Trainer

Screeners, Evaluation and Assessment

Articulation Assessment Toolkit

Basic Concepts Skills Screener

Common Core Early Language Screener

Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Test

Disfluency Index Counter


iScreen Aphasia

Profile of Phonological Awareness

SLP Goal Bank

AAC and Visual Support Apps

Talkie Tot

Custom Boards


Expressive GO

Speech and Language Rehabilitation

iScreen Aphasia

Language Trainer


Reading rehabilitation Toolkit

iName it

Phonological Awareness and Literacy

Phonological Awareness Lab

Profile of Phonological Awareness

Reading Comprehension Camp

Smarty Spell

Syllable Splash

All Smarty Ears Games in one Comprehensive Platform

Access an ever growing data-driven library of learning and therapeutic activities for speech, language and communication skills.