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We appreciate you interest on our University Access Grant Program. This form can be completed by students or faculty. It may take two weeks to hear a decision from our team. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as this form is completed.

University Grant Program

Section B: Institutional Needs and Alignment

Smarty Ears Online offer the ability to 

Section C: Outreach and Inclusivity

Section C of this application reflects Smarty Ears' unwavering commitment to foster diversity and inclusion within the field of communication sciences and disorders. Recognizing the critical need to bridge the representation gap, we are eager to partner with institutions that mirror our values and are actively working to recruit students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and varied linguistic abilities. Your responses in this section will help us evaluate alignment with our goals, ensuring that our collaboration contributes to a more inclusive and enriched learning environment. Together, we can transform the landscape of our field, embracing and celebrating diversity in a way that resonates with the communities we serve.

Section D: Success Measurement and Reporting

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