Custom Boards in Action

by Cindy L. Meester M.S.,CCC/SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

There are many options to use the Custom Boards app within speech therapy sessions. Let me show you a few ways to get you started.

Activities & Games Templates:

I used the Christmas Tree template and imported pictures from my Photos that displayed different emotions. I printed one master copy. You could laminate this or put it in a protective plastic sleeve. I printed one extra and cut out the ornaments. The object is to pick an ornament, label the emotion and make guesses on what the gift might have been. For example: Excited (red): she received an iPad or Upset/Mad (orange): she received a pair of used boots. It can be a fun brainstorming activity and lead to a social skills lesson on what to say and what to keep in your thinking bubble.


I used the Board Game (Simple) template to create a quick open-ended game that could be use for different objectives. This one is called Blizzard. You can use a coin (heads=2, tails=1) or a die to move. If you land on the purple blizzard you lose one turn. If you land on snow day you take another turn. Now landing on the red dice is the open ended part of this game.

    • For articulation students use articulation cards or the Articulate it! App and if they land on a die with 5 they say a word five times or five words or even use the words in a sentence. Play continues as long as time allows.
    • For language students use the Label Set #3 template found in Signs & Labels and add vocabulary words or pictures to the circles or “snowballs” and they draw from the pile when landing on a red die. You might have them provide a definition, describe and have others guess; use the concept in a sentence, etc.  You may want them to just draw one “snowball” on their turn.


I used the Matching Cards template found in Activities & Games to created two syllable word cards. I cut them apart and laminated them. I made them color-coded to help with matching the two pieces.

    1. The students can draw these in a matching game format.
    2. I have also placed or taped one half of the word in the room and they try to find their match.
    3. We placed these on the floor in a hopscotch form and they say each syllable while hopping on them. They like to collect as many pairs as they can.


These are only a few ways to use the many possible options available on the Custom Boards app. Be sure to explore the many templates available the possibilities are endless!

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