Embracing Innovation: Articulate Plus in Speech-Language Pathology

by Cindy Meester

Embracing Innovation: Articulate Plus in Speech-Language Pathology

I’m sure most SLPs have tried various techniques to enhance articulation sound errors. My iPad hasn’t just enhanced communication, but has also expanded the venues where I can provide therapy. I can now move out of my speech room to work in a classroom or even a hallway. Remember those “olden” days in the hallway? Well, now it’s a functional option for some articulation students. Here’s how it works for me:

Here’s how it works for me.

Scenario 1: Articulation Rounds

I often have students close to using sounds in carryover. Working twice a week for 20 minutes wasn’t effective, especially with a growing caseload. I initiated my Articulation Rounds for the first 30 minutes of the day, moving from room to room, spending 5-10 minutes with each student. Initially, I used a binder filled with materials, but then I switched to an iTouch, and finally, an iPad with Articulate Plus. The larger screen and “coolness” effect attracted more students. I love using Articulate Plus for these rounds, and BONUS, it keeps track of the data too!

Scenario 2: Multiple Students in the Speech Room

I also use Articulate Plus with students in my speech room. The app allows more than one student to practice simultaneously and offers photograph and avatar options. My students love the avatars! I use the app like traditional articulation cards, and the record option aids in self-correction. BONUS, it keeps track of the data too!

Scenario 3: Fluency Practice

For fluency students (stutterers), I utilize Articulate Plus to practice easy speech in words and sentences. The record option lets them analyze their speech in their own voice. BONUS, it keeps track of the data too!

Scenario 4: Vocabulary and Descriptive Language Skills

Students are assigned a phoneme and take turns giving clues. It’s about providing good clues without being tricky! BONUS, it keeps track of the data too!

Additional Features

In all scenarios, I can add a note to each student’s data to mark practice details and e-mail the data or upload it to iTunes.

Technical Note

Some users have reported issues with disappearing buttons, which has been linked to using the lock button on the iPad. The Smarty Ears team has resolved the problem, and a video link to the fix is available here.


Articulate Plus has transformed the way I approach articulation therapy, making it more dynamic and engaging. Stay tuned for new exciting features in the upcoming update!

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