From Surviving to Thriving as a Minority Speech-Language Pathologist

Book Release: From Surviving to Thriving as a Minority Speech-Language Pathologist

Smarty Ears is proud to announce the release of “Sis, you got this. From Surviving to Thriving as a Minority Speech-Language Pathologist”. The paperback book was released on January 29th but the official release date will be March 8th on International Women’s Day – when both the Audiobook and the eBook will be made available. 

This book marks Smarty Ears first book publication in its history! It was written by our CEO, Barbara Fernandes and started a streak of strides that lead her to launch Smarty Ears Online later. A speech-language pathologist and immigrant who decided to open up, share her story and motivate other speech-language pathologists to keep going and find their place within this field. This is a story meant to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the minority women in speech-language pathology who find themselves struggling with a sense of belonging in their field. It follows the autobiographical accounts of Barbara Fernandes, an adult immigrant to the US, as she embarks on her journey as a CSD student learning both English and Spanish. It tells of her struggles facing isolation, microaggressions, and her own internal battles to eventually become one of the most successful entrepreneurs within the SLP field. The journey from striving to thriving is amplified by the inclusion of her many Black and Brown, Latinx, Asian, and immigrant colleagues as they open up to share their own relatable challenges to persist within their field. The book serves as a rallying cry for unity and tolerance amongst minority SLPs, and it offers hope for minoritized SLP women. Lastly, it goes one final step further, asking much-needed, deep, and thought-provoking questions intended to push the field forward.

The book hit #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon within 2 days from its release!

The book “From Surviving to Thriving as a Minority Speech-Language Pathologist” was written in 28 days and you can watch the whole story behind it on Barbara’s YouTube Channel:

About the Author

Barbara Fernandes, an award-winning Brazilian American Speech-Language Pathologist, immigrated to the US as an adult monolingual Portuguese Speaker. She went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in her field, founding two businesses and revolutionizing her field with nearly seventy successful ed-tech product launches to date including the adjective remix app. As the founder and CEO of Smarty Ears, she is well known for her innovative and breakthrough product development that translates evidence-based practice into user-friendly technology. Through her dedication beyond creating these technologies, also educating fellow SLPs with courses that she led throughout the US, Barbara played a pivotal role in transforming an entire industry to adopt mobile technologies. As the founder of Smarty Symbols, Barbara created the most inclusive, diverse, and comprehensive symbol library on the market that is disrupting the special education field by providing a platform for custom visual support creation.
Foreword by Vicki Deal-Williams
  • Maria Claudia FrancaDM (Anonymous contribution)
  • Ebony Green
  • Enjoli Richardson
  • Jamila Perry Harley
  • Leila Regio
  • Mai Ling Chan
  • Michelle Hernandez
  • Michelle Posner
  • Pelesia Fields
  • Ramya Kumar
  • Tamala Close
  • Pang Tao Moua
  • Phuong Lien Palafox
  • Yarimar Díaz Rodríguez
  • Yao Du
From Surviving to Thriving as a Minority Speech-Language Pathologist

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