Smarty Ears CEO presenting in New York this Fall

If you are in the New York area and looking for a great way to become proficient on using the iPad to provide speech and language therapy you should not miss, Barbara’s presentation titled: Understanding and Setting Up the iPad as a Therapy Tool The workshop is set to take place in New York City on October 26, 2014. Course Description:  This workshop will provide speech-language pathologists with a wealth of information regarding the powerful features and possibilities for the iPad.  Many of the built in features make “iDevices” accessible and flexible which open up many possibilities for all students and especially those with disabilities.  You will learn to use the built in features, find appropriate apps and explore accessories to maximize learning.  The iPad is more than a device.  It is a game changer not only for SLPs and teachers but also for parents and most importantly children.  With exponentially increased possibilities, one needs to understand the basic principles of the “iWorld” including upgrading operating systems, purchasing and upgrading apps when they become available, using accessibility features and identifying key features that make it an invaluable tool.  Attendees will explore issues related to privacy and student confidentiality as well as accessories for the iPad.  This workshop is a hands-on workshop that will give participants the knowledge necessary to effectively use the iPad as an educational and therapy tool.  Participants are encouraged to bring their iPads but for those without, iPads will be shared. For more information and to register visit:

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