Smarty Ears is featured on Yapp Guru

Smarty Ears on Yap Guru is featured as developersThis week Smarty Ears is being featured on the super awesome website Yapp Guru! We felt so honored to have been invited to be one of their first developers to be featured on their website.

Yapp Guru was founded by speech-pathologists who, like me feel overwhelmed by the number of apps on the app store. The website is designed as a place for you to find speech therapy app bundles based on a variety of different areas, and to be able to get some more details about the apps as opposed to just looking at 5 screenshots and a description of the app.

Even though Apple recently allowed developers to add a video to the app descriptions ( super cool!), as we travel the country we see a real need for an easy place for clinicians to get a better idea of what the app is all about before purchasing.

Being featured on Yapp Guru is super amazing by itself. However, it would be even better if you could sign up to their website and vote for your favorite Smarty Ears app on their website! For example it is important to know after all if you like the adjective remix app more or its counterpart by some other developer. We wanted to also thank Mai & Tanya for the invitation to be a part of this incredible new service for speech-pathologists.

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