Smarty Ears 2015 to 2022: Year Review

Smarty ears review of the year 2015 just flew by, didn’t it? It is at times hard for us to believe all that we accomplished this year. As early as the 8th day of the year, Smarty Ears was pleased to announce the release of our first app of the year: Yes/No Barn. Designed and authored by Barbara Fernandes, Smarty Ears founder and CEO. This app was a result of the increased number of requests in 2014 by our customers to start creating apps like verb quest for the younger children.

year review of 2015 by smarty ears apps

In February we took a chance creating an app that stretches us a bit further than we are used to with speech and language apps by creating Smarty Spell. Smarty Spell allows children to practice spelling over 300 words organized into word lists from Kindergarten to 6th grade.

smarty-spell review

In the Spring we released two great apps: Auditory Memory Club and PrepPositions. Auditory Memory Club was one of our favorite apps to develop from start to finish. Authored by Barbara Fernandes, this app includes four activities and features  graphics that are very both attractive and fairly distraction free.

app review of smarty ears

PrepPositions, authored by Rosie Sims was released late in March and it was one of our first attempts into gaming as a reward for each activity.

Pre positions app details by smarty ears apps

In the spring was also when we attended two state conferences: The Texas Speech and Hearing Convention and the California State Convention. We also worked very hard to update our website and include as much information as possible about all our apps. This is still an ongoing process though. 😉


In the Summer, Barbara got inspired by her toddler and released Smarty Ears, GoWords, which was designed to help improve vocabulary in very young learner. Go Words is available in English and Portuguese.


Lots of Smarty Ears apps received a face lift with either new content or updated graphics. We significantly improved the design on Social Quest, allowing for a distraction free user interface, and we also added audio to over three thousand answer options. Other updates include adding two new activities on Articulate it: Guess What and Stories.

Social Quest now includes audio for each question and answer.

Our assessment app BAPA received a ton of updates based on feedback from users like you.

bapa app details in yearly review

Despite the fact that we spent most of 2015 working on a certain app, you didn’t see it until it was done. In the fall, we released our super popular app GoSequencing, authored and designed by Smarty Ears founder, Barbara Fernandes. Go Sequencing is without a doubt one of our greatest apps, it includes amazing illustrations, state of the art technology and a lot of content. We really pushed our imagination on what it could be done on a new sequencing app. We wanted to release something better than anything on the market.

smart ears year 2015 review

One of the highlights of smarty ears review was for sure the release of our first paper-based product. We released in November the GoSequencing: Self Help Skills flashcard deck. The sequencing flashcard has been a huge hit and it is now on sale on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.35.06 PM

Smarty Ears attended the Asha convention in Denver this year, and once again we had the great pleasure of being an Asha convention sponsor. The convention is by far one of our favorite times of the year; it is the one time we get to be together with our great app authors and friends. This year we gave away over one thousand lanyards! Our lanyards were such a hit.


At the end of the year, to close it in great style we did an amazing update to Language trainer and added Dutch as a language option. Last but not least, we release the last app of the year, iScreen Aphasia, in collaboration with Dysphagia2Go co-author Tiffani Wallace. iScreen Aphasia was made available on the app store right after Christmas. iScreen Aphasia makes it the fourth app we have created towards SLPs who work with individuals suffering from communication difficulties due to aphasia.


This was another wonderful year for Smarty Ears, and we are already starting to work on our upcoming updates and new releases. If you are wondering what it is up and coming from us, make sure to sign up to our newsletter on our website. Thank you so much for being an amazing supporter for the past six years.

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