phonological awareness apps

Must have apps for phonological awareness

Phonological Awareness apps are the gateway to one of the most important skills when it come to the basis of learning to read.  Check out these must-have apps including the ones for expressive and receptive language development that will help you teach children the basic skills to start reading like a pro.

Profile of Phonological Awareness

This is one of the best tools by smarty ears on the app store by far: A screener of phonological awareness that will automatically analyze the results and create a report for you. It is very comprehensive and allows you to quickly get a glance on that child’s phonological awareness skill.

Price: $49.99

Syllables Splash

If you are looking for phonological awareness apps that will help students practice syllable counting, look no further: Syllables Splash has it all. A fully animated app with fishes, sharks, and turtles that clap the syllables in each word. You can adjust the settings to select the types of words included on each practice. It is relatively inexpensive and it will track progress over time with a complete report card.

Price: $7.99

Phonological Awareness Lab

One comprehensive app that will give students a variety of activities to practice their phonological awareness skills. Students can navigate the app to practice the following skills: syllable counting, word counting, blending sounds and syllables, rhyming, and more. The app has a very detailed report card where teachers can track the progress of each student. Further, you may contact us to know further about this app and others. 

Price: $21.99

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