Bilingual Articulation Phonology Assessment

Assessing Articulation and Phonology of Bilingual Students: BAPA iPad app

Assessing articulation and phonology of bilingual students always required a lot of consideration: Making sure I had assessment tools in both languages available, making sure I could look into dialects of Spanish I was familiar with or didn’t remember all the details, gathering protocols and so much more. Creating BAPA was a result of lots of great ideas coming together. BAPA was initially designed to be the Spanish version of AAT ( Articulation Assessment Toolkit), but during the iOS 11 apps update we quickly saw that we needed it to be in both languages. BAPA has set a new standard for bilingual articulation evaluation of Spanish speakers. Watch the video for more details:

You can find BAPA on the app Store, but make sure you look for it on an iPad; as the app does not work on iPhones.

Here is a direct link to it:

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