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Transforming Articulation Therapy With The Most Comprehensive App​

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Revolutionize Your Speech Therapy Journey with Articulate Plus

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Articulate Plus, the game-changing tool designed to redefine articulation therapy. Crafted with the expertise of leading speech-language pathologists, Articulate Plus offers an unparalleled experience in speech sound practice games, empowering professionals and families alike.

With over 1000 words, interactive games, video modeling, and personalized features, Articulate Plus is not just an app – it’s a robust partner in speech development. Whether you’re an SLP aiming to maximize therapy benefits or a parent looking to actively support your child’s speech growth, our app provides a tailored experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Dive in and explore the myriad features that make Articulate Plus the preferred choice of professionals and parents. From the classroom to the comfort of your home, we’re here to transform the way you approach speech therapy.

Unleashing the Power of Speech

Articulate Plus is designed with a diverse array of features to empower Speech-Language Pathologists, educators, and parents in the quest for clear and confident speech. Explore the app's unique offerings below:

How It Works

A complete program for children with speech sound disorders

Matching Game for Speech Practice

We all know that kids learn better when having fun. That’s why Articulate Plus includes a fun matching game. Kids are prompted to repeat each one of the words, which is always associated with the sound they are needing practice with.

Speech Sounds Practice Game with Fun Guessing Questions

Practicing speech sounds by answering questions spontaneously is the next level. Some children master their speech sound in structure productions, but fail when every day language tasks are at stake. That’s why we created this activity.

Take practice to the next level with Stories

Each sound includes stories! These stories are fun and engaging to support the child’s perfect production of speech sounds at a higher level.

Each story in this speech sound practice game includes a variety of comprehension questions.

Forty themes turn Speech Therapy
practice into fun:

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Utilizing Artificial Intelligence 

Accelerate Workflow Efficiently

TechAI, a cutting-edge AI solution that harnesses the power of advanced technology to transform your business!

“Articulate Plus” is the gold standard of all articulation apps.

Response to Intervention (RTI):

In today's multifaceted educational landscape, having tools that adapt to various intervention approaches is crucial. Articulate Plus sets a new standard by providing comprehensive support for Response to Intervention (RTI) methodologies.

  • Evidence-Based Practices: Certified by The REMLE Project, Articulate Plus aligns with rigorous evidence-based practices, ensuring its effectiveness for diverse student needs.

  • Easy Progress Monitoring: Tracking student progress has never been simpler. Articulate Plus offers chronological storage of individual student data, offering a quick overview of targeted phonemes, positions, and overall accuracy. Monitoring student growth and response to interventions becomes an effortless task.

  • Therapy Report Integration: For seamless report writing and goal alignment, you can export data directly to the Therapy Report Center. Whether you need detailed insights for individualized education programs (IEP) or RTI, Articulate Plus offers smooth integration with other speech-language goals.

  • Adaptation to Various Intervention Levels: Whether it’s primary, secondary, or tertiary intervention, Articulate Plus can be customized to suit different tiers of RTI. It’s not just an app—it’s a comprehensive platform designed to adapt to the unique needs and challenges of each student.

  • Collaborative Approach: By connecting educators, therapists, and parents, Articulate Plus promotes a collaborative approach to intervention, enhancing consistency and reinforcing therapy targets across different environments.

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What are speech pathologists saying about Articulate Plus?

I love the  app! You could choose which level the child is and what kind of approach you want to use. They also have activities by your specific needs, may it be phono processes, difficulty in producing phonemes depending on the manner of articulation, and by syllables. Monitoring the progress of the child is also helpful. I definitely recommend this for everyone!

Rachelle Vasquez

“I think if I had to choose between the two apps I would choose the Articulate Plus app because I love the option of working on different goal sounds at the same time and the ability to save audio recordings for each individual student is amazing!“

Hanna Bogen

This is my “go to” therapy app for articulation. I use it multiple times each week! I love that I can use it for students working on individual sounds or on phonological processes and I love the different levels. The new PRO version is great because it allows for the progression from words to phrases rather than just words to sentences and stories. This is perfect feature for my younger students. My students love the different stories and games available to practice their sounds

Hope Wilcox

”One of the best part of this apps is a Phrase/Sentence level offered as well. Some of the other articulation apps I have explored just have stimulus items at the word level. The voice recording mechanism is very good quality and is useful for student self-monitoring. “

Mandi Schaumburg

“Overall, I think this is a very useful tool for SLP’s and it does a great job of collecting performance data. As a mum of 3 children with speech issues I also find it very useful for home speech therapy practice. My children definitely enjoy doing speech homework more on the iPad, and the recording feature is fun and good feedback for them, but also allows me to share how they are doing with their SLP.“

The iMum

For Home Use:

Empower Speech Practice Beyond the Clinic

Articulation practice isn’t confined to therapy sessions in the clinic. The journey towards clear and confident speech is a continuous one, and Articulate Plus is here to be your steadfast companion at home.

Reinforce Therapy Goals

Use the app's extensive word library, phrases, and sentences to align home practice with therapy goals. Keep the learning consistent and fun!

Interactive and Engaging Practice

With games, flashcards, and video modeling, Articulate Plus makes speech practice feel like playtime. Your child will look forward to their daily practice sessions!

Monitor Progress with Ease

Track your child's improvement through the app's intuitive progress monitoring feature. Celebrate achievements and stay informed about areas that need attention.

Build a Strong Partnership with Your Therapist

Collaborate seamlessly with your child's therapist. Share progress, set new targets, and ensure that home practice complements professional therapy.

Customizable and Personal

Add your own words and images to make the practice session tailored to your child's interests and needs.

Accelerate Progress

Regular at-home practice has been shown to speed up therapy progress, helping your child reach their speech goals more quickly.

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