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Articulation Scenes brings smarty reading program with picture scenes articulation practice to a whole new level! This app, competing as one of the best articulation games, developed and designed by a certified speech language pathologist allows children to practice their sounds with a variety of engaging and fun activities centered around the cinema theme, hence acting like a basic concepts skills screener.



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Articulation Scenes contains the features of best articulation games with 72 stunning built-in scenes and over 1200 practice words.

Each sound contains at least three scenes: Initial, Medial, or Final Scenes

“Articulation Scenes has definitely lived up to the hype! My clients and I had a great time testing it out at work!”
Nanette Cote, MA, CCC-SLP

Looking to practice pronouncing the /R/ sound?

For articulation games loving children who need practice with one of the most targeted phonemes in speech therapy sessions / r/ , we have included one scene per each separate type of the sound “r : [ pre-vocalic, blends, air, ar, ear, ire, or, rl ].

“This app includes a lot of target phonemes with the pictures incorporated into scenes that provide context and facilitate sentence level productions and generalization and carryover. The scenes are attractive and children will particularly enjoy finding the hidden pictures.”
Testy Yet Trying Blog

Each scene contains 4 separate activities in Articulation Scenes:

1. Find the Hidden Items

This first activity allows children the opportunities to listen to targeted words and find them on each scene. The child is presented with the audio of each word, as they tap on the word they win points.
The word list is constantly updated to give space to new words as the student wins points and practice listening to the correct pronunciation of the sounds.

2. Tap and Say it

The second activity on Articulation Scenes is the “ Tap & Say it activity”. This is the first of three activities targeting speech production in this app with all the best features of articulation games.

Children tap on the items on the scene, which are isolated allowing the therapist to track and monitor their productions. As users tap on the target items on each scene, the item is isolated which allows the child to attempt producing the word and allows the supervising adult to determine if the production was correct, incorrect, or almost there.

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The Tap & Say it activity also award point to the child based on whether the production was “missed”, “ almost” or “ got it”. It is possible to hear a pre-recorded audio of each word by tapping on the image.
“This is exactly what it sounds like! The child taps on target words in each scene and the picture pops up bigger. Here the therapist (parent/teacher) has data recording tools (missed it, almost, and got it). This keeps track of accuracy in our online articulation games for you!

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picture scenes for describing

There is also an option to record the child’s voice for instant personal feedback. What I really like is that you can practice each word as many times as you want. To get more practice you can have the child say each word 3 times! When you are finished with the scene it provides a nice report with percentage of accuracy. Again you can also use this game for vocabulary building for those kids who have language and articulation goals!” Panda Speech 

This activity allows adults to record the voice of the child. The audio file is saved on the results page, and can be accessed at anytime after the session. Voice recorders are a great way to provide feedback on the child’s production of the sounds. Immediately after the recording, you can tap on the “play” button to listen to the child’s recording or tap on the “record new” button to record a new audio file.
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3. The Movie Theater

Articulation Scenes includes exciting stories for the scenes. The level 3 allows children to listen to each story, and target sound in connected speech. This is an important step for mastery of the target sound. Children get the opportunity to listen to a story using the target words.

picture scenes for speech therapy adults
speech articulation game scene
“Kids enjoyed it. I like that this app can be used for not only articulation but for language as well! I have pulled up the picture scene and used it for obtaining language samples. I also like that there are printables for each sound and position that you can print out for homework!” iTunes Review
“What a fun app! Downloaded this last week and my students are asking for it everyday! They especially like the hidden picture scenes. I especially like the stories and recording option to create your own story. This is a great carryover activity for older kiddos especially. Kids are very motivated to collect the trophies when they complete an activity. They Are bummed though when they can’t earn all of them because we are not working on each sound!”
Yvette Bardole

4. The Production Room

This is the activity that engages children in real-time like in is that silly? and allows them to either create their own stories, record them and continue to practice with the help of articulation games.
The Production Room offers two options: Option 1: Designed for younger students that are not yet reading and, Option 2: This one was designed for older students that could benefit from practicing sound production during with a reading task.

s blend picture scene

The option 1 leads the child to a screen containing the scene and a voice recorder. On this option children are allowed to use their imagination to create any story they would like using the visual scene provided. Once they record the story they get to return to the movie theater and listen to their story played at the movie theater. To complete the recording, tap on the stop button and then the “All Done” button.
The option 2 takes students to a screen where they will use the written story in a teleprompter to record their voice as a part of playing this articulation game for language and speech therapy.

“I love this app. It has made articulation carry over easier for my students. They love the scenes. I am also able to use it for my language students and fluency students. Nice- when you have mixed groups.”
Patti B

Data Tracking

Data tracking capabilities and exciting reward activities are also some of the great features on Articulation Scenes. The Report card page includes a lot of information regarding the child’s product such as accuracy, total number of practices, first and last date of practice, etc…
The results can be emailed or printed directly from your iPad using an air printing ready printer. 

We have completed the application by adding homework sheets containing the words included on each scene that can be sent home for further practice by articulation games lovers. Clinicians can use the pdf files to send home, or to create other activities based on the application.

See it in practice:


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