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Disfluency Index Counter comes to the rescue of the busy SLP with state-of-the-art technology which will make tracking syllables a breeze. This smarty ears app offers a counter that when tapped will mark each syllable pronounced. This is perfect for live counting as well as counting syllables of a recorded speech sample. Once you are done, gorgeous graphs like those in verb quest will display results regarding percentage of disfluency in a given morphology speech. The results are your answer to how to calculate disfluency index that can be emailed and shared to be added to your final speech evaluation report.

Three Tracking Modes of Disfluency Index Counter:

Basic Counter

Tap on F to mark a fluent syllable and tap on D to mark a disfluency. The app will score the total number of disfluencies for you!

basic disfluency index counter app

Technology created by specialists. Helping fluency evaluation anywhere.

disfluency index advanced counter

Advanced Counter

Tap on F to mark a fluent syllable. To mark a disfluency, you can do it here by different types of disfluencies: Blocks, Repetitions and Prolongations. The app will score the total number of disfluencies for you!

Pro Counter

This is a brand new counter and it allows the clinician to more specifically mark the different types of repetitions. 

disfluency index counter pro

Video Tutorial:

Data Collection made easy for you:

apps for speech impaired results

The professional data display for a Pro fluency professional.

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