Expressive GO

Unleashing Communication for Everyone, Everywhere

Discover the next generation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with Expressive Go. This app aims to empower children and families to communicate as early as possible. 

Every Child Deserves to Be Heard

What is Expressive GO?

Expressive Go is an app designed to help children who find it hard to speak or cannot speak at all. Imagine having a lot to say, but finding it tough to use words like most people do. Expressive Go steps in here. It’s like a tool that serves as a talker to lets these children talk using pictures and symbols on a screen.

Expressive Go is more than just a speech generating app. It’s a doorway to conversation and connection for children who find speaking a challenge. It’s their way of joining in, sharing their thoughts, and being part of the world around them.

How Does it Work?

  • Pictures as Words: The app has thousands of little pictures or symbols. Each one stands for a word or an idea. For example, a picture of an apple can mean “I want to eat an apple.”
  • Touch to Talk: When a child touches these pictures, the app says the word out loud. So, if they touch the apple picture, it will say “apple.”
  • Make Sentences: By touching a series of pictures, children can put together sentences. This way, they can tell you what they feel, what they want, or ask questions.
  • Customizable: Every child is different. This app lets you change the pictures, add new ones, or arrange them in a way that makes sense for your child. It’s like setting up their own board of favorite words and phrases.
  • Learning and Growing: As children use Expressive Go, they learn more about communicating. The app can grow with them, adding more words and ideas as they get better at using it.

Personalize Communication with Over 30,000 Symbols

Tailor-Made Communication at Your Fingertips Expressive Go transcends the ordinary by offering an expansive library of over 30,000 symbols, ensuring that every child finds their voice through our app. We understand that each child is unique, and their mode of communication should be just as special.

Empower Your Child’s Voice, Embrace Their World

Discover a New World of Words – Download Expressive Go for Your Child!

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Simple & Transparent Pricing

At Smarty Ears, we understand the importance of accessible communication. That’s why we offer six fully functional speech-generating screens at no cost. These screens provide a powerful introduction to the world of AAC, allowing users to experience the benefits of our AI-Optimized Vocabulary and user-friendly interface without any financial commitment.


Six Free Speech Generating Screens
  • Tap on Image to Speak
  • Ai. Powered Vocabulary
  • Customize any screen
  • Access 30,000 New Words
  • Re-arrange word location
  • Vocabulary Matches Public Boards
$0.00 /month

Monthly Subscription

Unsure about the app: Low monthly try out plan
  • Tap on Image to Speak
  • Ai. Powered Vocabulary
  • Customize Any Screen
  • Access 30,000 New Words
  • Re-arrange word location
  • Monthly Payments
$7.99 / month

yearly Subscription

Save 50% by paying for the entire year access
  • Tap on Image to Speak
  • Ai. Powered Vocabulary
  • Customize Any Screen
  • Access 30,000 New Words
  • Re-arrange word location
  • Yearly Payments
$49 /year

Expressive Go is part of: All Voices, Any Places

The “All Voices Any Place” mission, as detailed in the provided knowledge source, is a targeted effort to make communication access universally attainable and to connect diverse voices everywhere.

  1. Widespread Installation of Communication Boards: This phase, led by Smarty Symbols, focuses on substantially increasing the availability of communication boards in public spaces. These boards serve as vital resources for individuals who rely on or have never been exposed to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. By installing these boards, the initiative aims to make public areas more accessible and inclusive for all individuals, regardless of their communication abilities.

  2. Boosting Accessibility of Speech-Generating Systems: Spearheaded by Smarty Ears, this aspect of the mission concentrates on raising public awareness about and expanding access to speech-generating software applications. This is aimed at enhancing the communication capabilities of individuals who might benefit from these technologies.