Expressive for Speech Impaired

Supporting Speech through Alternative Communication Technology (AAC)

All Children deserve access to communication

An advanced communication system for children and adults

Created by a speech-language pathologist, Expressive is an entry-to mid-level, easy-to-use, and highly customizable speech therapy software designed for both children and adults with communication impairments.
 Expressive is one of the best apps for speech impaired, designed to transform the iPhone or the iPad into a reasonably priced augmentative and alternative communication device.
With well over 10,000 built-in images, access to the Smarty Symbols library, the ability to add personal pictures, and an amazing 11 voice options, Expressive is dynamic, intuitive, and fully customizable to help provide a voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Expressive AAC for speech impaired

Who can benefit from EXPRESSIVE?

Expressive gives a voice to children and adults

Expressive is highly customizable and versatile. Expressive can benefit children, teenagers, and adults who need an alternative mode of communication without idea funding. Expressive was designed in addition to adjectives game to be used to help individuals diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, childhood apraxia of speech, stroke, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, dysarthria, and many more social emotional concerns.
In addition, an individual in need of a temporary way to voice wants and needs due to surgery, accident, or other issue can benefit from Expressive’s low price and intuitive design.

Customizing Expressive AAC App

There are many ways Expressive can be customized. A tap to the settings gear button brings up this screen.
Lock: removes the editing buttons so the app cannot be modified.
disfluency index advanced counter

Advanced Counter

Tap on F to mark a fluent syllable. To mark a disfluency, you can do it here by different types of disfluencies: Blocks, Repetitions and Prolongations. The app will score the total number of disfluencies for you!

Pro Counter

This is a brand new counter and it allows the clinician to more specifically mark the different types of repetitions. 

disfluency index counter pro

Video Tutorial About Apps for Speech Impaired:

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