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Elevate Spanish Speech Practice

Empowering Bilingual Speech Pathologists with Fono Lógico Pro

Unveiling Fono Lógico, formerly known as Spanish Artik – your ally in fostering effective speech development for Spanish-speaking children. With an array of meticulously curated images, this app offers targeted practice to children facing speech challenges, ensuring they unlock their full potential.

Why Fono Lógico?

Precision in Practice

Fono Lógico steps in to bridge the gap of speech production for Spanish speaking young learners, offering a curated collection of over 1000 images for focused sound practice.

Empowerment for All

Fono Lógico serves as a beacon of assistance for children encountering difficulties in sound pronunciation. It is a versatile tool that's equally beneficial for both Speech Therapists and parents, amplifying its impact.

Next-Level Pro Edition

Elevate your speech practice with Fono Lógico Pro, an advanced version that encompasses the entire Spanish consonant spectrum. Craft targeted sessions, record student voices, and track their progress over time with precision.

Track and Transform

Unlock the power of accurate data tracking. Fono Lógico Pro delivers insightful accuracy scores for each practice session, enabling you to save and review progress over time.

Spanish Speech Practice Made Convenient for Everyone!

Discover unparalleled convenience in articulation drills with the Fono Lógico app, catering to both parents and speech therapists. This innovative solution revolutionizes practice by offering an expansive range of features:

🎯 Effortless Sound Selection: Whether you’re a parent or a speech therapist, Fono Lógico simplifies your journey. Easily select specific sounds from a comprehensive list, ensuring focused practice aligned with individual needs.

🖼️ Endless Visual Resources: With thousands of word pictures and audio at your fingertips, you have a wealth of resources to ensure engaging and effective practice sessions. Each word is accompanied by an accurate visual, enriching the learning experience.

📣 Word and Phrase Proficiency: Fono Lógico caters to both word and phrase levels, ensuring a holistic approach to articulation development. Each sound is paired with a correct pronunciation model, guaranteeing accurate learning.

📈 Progress Monitoring Made Easy: Track progress seamlessly as you go. Click on buttons to assess whether sounds are produced correctly, empowering you to gauge improvement and tailor your approach.

Spanish Apps for Bilingual SLPs

Includes Three Fun Activities

Practicing Speech Sounds Can Happen in so many ways!

Empowering Bilingual Speech Pathologists with Fono Lógico Pro​

Just Select the Speech Sounds to Get Started!

Bilingual Speech Pathologists with Fono Lógico Pro​

Flashcard Practice

The Flashcard activity, a pivotal component of Fono Lógico that takes speech practice to the next level. This dynamic feature seamlessly blends learning with interactive engagement, enabling the refinement of speech sounds within words and phrases.

Transitioning from single words to phrases is a crucial step in speech development. The Flashcard activity empowers learners to practice articulation in both contexts, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that mirrors real-life communication.

Enhance learning with the ability to hear each word pronounced accurately. This auditory support aids in correct sound production and assists learners in grasping the intricacies of speech sounds.

Just click the voice recording button on the screen to record the chid’s pronunciation of each word. Recording a child’s voice is a powerful tool. Through self-listening, learners can hear their own pronunciation, fostering self-awareness and encouraging them to strive for clearer articulation.

Practice sounds in words and in phrases

Matching Game

The Matching Game is a captivating segment of Fono Lógico designed to amplify speech sound proficiency through interactive engagement. In this activity, learners embark on an exciting journey that combines sound recognition with visual association, paving the way for confident articulation.

Engaging in matching challenges stimulates cognitive processes. As learners strive to pair sounds with images, they enhance memory, attention, and sound discrimination skills, all of which are pivotal in speech development.

Successfully matching sounds and images offers a sense of accomplishment. This positive reinforcement fuels motivation and keeps learners engaged, promoting consistent practice and improvement.

Speech and Language Practice in one Activity

Meet the "Guess What?" game!

Challenge the conventional notion that speech practice occurs in isolation! Fono Lógico’s innovative “Guess What?” activity shatters these boundaries, offering a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates speech sound practice with language skills.

🔮 Unlock Language through Guessing: Prepare to be captivated by the “Guess What?” activity. Here, children engage in the exciting pursuit of guessing answers to intriguing questions. Unbeknownst to them, this dynamic process leads to the production of the target speech sound as they articulate their responses.

🗣️ Speak and Guess: As children vocalize their guesses, they unknowingly exercise their speech sound production, blending language and articulation seamlessly. This interactive approach makes speech practice engaging and natural.

🌐 Language and Sound Synergy: Fono Lógico understands the intricate connection between language and speech. By aligning the guessing game with sound production, this activity bridges language comprehension and articulation in an unprecedented way.

🌟 Engaging, Empowering, and Effective: “Guess What?” encapsulates the essence of engaging education. Children exercise both their linguistic and speech abilities while being empowered to participate actively in the learning process.

Progress Monitoring is Key!

At Smarty Ears, we understand that progress monitoring is essential for effective speech development. That’s why we’ve incorporated automatic data tracking tools that empower both Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and parents to keep a vigilant eye on speech production advancement.

Voice of Progress

With Fono Lógico's recording feature, you're not only capturing speech sounds – you're capturing progress. Listen to recordings made over time, witnessing firsthand the journey from initial attempts to refined articulation.

Detailed Insights

Access a comprehensive list of words and their respective pronunciation accuracy. This insightful breakdown offers a clear picture of areas needing attention and those that have been mastered.

Visualizing Improvement

Fono Lógico's data tracking tools are designed to transform numbers into progress visuals. Watch as the graph of correct pronunciation steadily rises, reflecting the strides made in speech sound production.

Strengthening Partnerships

Fono Lógico serves as a bridge between SLPs and families. Through shared data, both parties gain insights into the child's journey, enabling collaborative efforts towards speech sound improvement.

Video Demo:

In this immersive video, we’ll unveil the power of Fono Lógico, your ultimate tool for refining speech sounds. From selecting specific sounds to accessing a rich repository of visuals, audio resources, and correct pronunciation models, we’re here to empower you with insights that foster confident articulation.

Fonologico is Backed by Evidence Based Practice

  1. udio Modeling for Speech Sound Production: Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of audio modeling in improving speech sound production. Children benefit from hearing accurate sound production models, aiding their own articulation efforts. (Reference: Preston, J. L., & Edwards, M. L. (2010). Phonological disorders. In M. J. Ball & B. R. Damico (Eds.), Handbook of pediatric speech and language disorders (pp. 73-104). Psychology Press.)

  2. Data Tracking and Visual Feedback: Studies have shown that visual feedback and progress tracking enhance motivation and engagement during speech therapy. Graphical representations of progress can make improvements more tangible and motivating for both children and adults. (Reference: Ruscello, D. M., & Chiappetta, K. R. (2012). Improving progress monitoring in speech-language treatment. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 34(2), 101-110.)

  3. Collaboration Between SLPs and Families: Collaborative efforts between speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and families are pivotal in achieving successful outcomes in speech therapy. Sharing data and insights fosters a strong partnership that supports the child’s speech development. (Reference: Fey, M. E., Long, S. H., & Finestack, L. H. (2003). Ten principles of grammar facilitation for children with specific language impairments. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 12(1), 3-15.)

Speech Practice at Home

Unleashing Articulation Potential Beyond the Clinic

Empower your child’s speech journey by extending the benefits of Fono Lógico beyond the therapy room. With Fono Lógico’s innovative approach, you can seamlessly integrate articulation practice into your daily routines at home. Here’s how:

Family-Centered Progress

Fono Lógico fosters a family-centered approach to speech development. Engage with your child in practice sessions that align with their interests and abilities, creating a nurturing environment for sound refinement.

Natural Integration

Incorporate speech sound practice effortlessly into everyday activities. From mealtime conversations to story sessions, Fono Lógico's interactive tools allow you to infuse articulation practice into your child's natural interactions.

Hear and Practice

Leverage Fono Lógico's auditory features to provide a sound-rich environment. Encourage your child to hear accurate sound models, reinforcing correct sound production and fostering speech sound awareness.


Encourage self-awareness by recording your child's speech attempts. Together, you can listen to their progress and celebrate milestones, promoting a sense of achievement and continuous improvement.

Much Better Use of Screen Time

Transform screen time into meaningful learning experiences. With Fono Lógico, your child engages in productive practice that sharpens articulation skills while enjoying interactive activities.

Shared Insights

Fono Lógico bridges the gap between therapy and home. Share progress data and recordings with your child's speech-language pathologist, creating a collaborative effort that ensures consistent and targeted practice.

Sounding Success: Fono Logico's Innovative On The Go Speech Practice

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