Go Sequencing

Go Sequencing for kids is an engaging way to teach language surrounding real-world situations to kids and the steps necessary to complete them.

GoSequencing is the best app for targeting sequencing skills. It is dynamic, powerful and engaging. The app currently offers 38 sequences organized into categories: playing, mealtime, Grooming, Hygiene, Nature, Chores and miscellaneous.

go sequencing for kids
go sequencing game for kids

The Evidence of Go Sequencing for Kids

Learning to sequence is fundamental to the development of reading and narrative skills, as well as everyday language (Spivey, 2008). Go Sequencing for kids was created by a certified speech-language pathologist, developed by Smarty Ears Apps, and designed to assist the busy speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and teacher.
Designed to be played with as few as one and as many as five players, Go Sequencing for kids is perfect for small group therapy or Response to Intervention (RTI). In addition, Go Sequencing allows each player to work at his or her level within the group. This multi-level ability encourages each player to learn the fundamental skills needed to improve language comprehension, narrative retell, and reading comprehension (Moss, 2005).
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First the app will teach the steps to each sequence, then the child will practice sequencing for kids.

Go Sequencing for kids is designed to work with students of all ages regardless of reading ability. Multiple levels ensure the appropriate level for each player.
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GoSequencing includes 3 language options: Spanish, Portuguese & English

13 Levels of Difficulty

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“There is a wide range of sequencing opportunities from functional and familiar activities such as crossing the street, brushing teeth and lunch time to more abstract sequencing concepts found in literacy activities, like the life cycle of a butterfly.”
Lindsay Oesch, MS, CCC-SLP, TSSLD

Each level increases task complexity slightly – through additional sequences, no text to read, or no images to view.


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Go Sequencing for kids and adults offers fantastic customization options. It is possible to not only change languages; you can add your own sequences, remove sequences, and select when the app moves to the next screen!
When creating custom sequences, it is easy to tailor the sequence with task specific pictures. Simply tap on “add new” and follow the steps. Activities with up to 6 sequences can be added. Audio for the individual steps is added by tapping on the record button next to the title.
“Adding in personal photos and sequences provides a video model for teaching task completion as well as sequence recall.” (Johnson, et al, 2013).

Video Tutorial:

The app monitors progress so you have confidence the child is actually improving

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Following Directions Monsters and the Common Core

The majority of states have moved to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the education setting. Knowledge and use of frequently occurring adjectives is expected to begin before Kindergarten and be mastered by the end of first grade. Following Directions Monster is a creative and engaging tool created to assist students in meeting the CCSS for English Language Arts Standards for Language in Kindergarten and First grade.

Following Directions Monsters and Response to Intervention

Following Directions Monsters is an ideal component for Response to Intervention (RTI) as well. The app helps to improve receptive language skills , with teacher direction, allows for an intensive teaching of the material. The data collection and report center allow progress monitoring to occur with the touch of a button. Individual customization of difficulty levels and ability for each student to have their own goals, makes it ideal for small group instruction. The busy SLP or educator can see at a glance the selected level and overall accuracy to determine effectiveness of the intervention. In addition, the app allows data to be exported to the Therapy Report Center for easy report writing and integration with other educational goals.

What are special educators saying?

Great app, but may be best for older kids that can read (as I had to do for this second grader). Not a big deal, but if you were looking for an app that required independence with the younger crowd, this app would not meet that need

Jenna Raybun


This app is well thought out and engaging. The game show theme is versatile so it can be used with a variety of age ranges, great if you have students from different grade levels in a session. You can use it for individual therapy and with groups of up to 5. I was thrilled to see that the categories followed very closely with the format of the EET ( Expanding Expressions Tool ) so this app would be a great companion to that system if you use it in your room as well.

Maureen Wilson


Once you get it right, you have the option of recording yourself repeating the sentence to practice speaking correctly. I LOVE this option

Lauren LaCour

Speech-Language Pathologist


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