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Unlock the world of semantic connections with Go-Togethers, a revolutionary application designed to enhance language comprehension and expression across all age groups. Whether you're an SLP, a parent, or a special education teacher, Go-Togethers offers an engaging and intuitive platform to foster essential language skills.

A New Wave of Words: Explore with Go-Togethers

The app was designed with both parents and educators in mind. Up to five individuals can play at a time with individual data taken for each student. Parents will love being able to practice spelling words at home. Teachers will love having the spelling practice available for their students. Both groups will adore having the customized word lists available to fit individual needs!

Grade and Theme-Specific Spelling Lists

Smarty Spell offers spelling lists designed specifically for grades K-6 or various exciting themes. Make spelling relevant and engaging with words that resonate with your students.

Customizable Word Lists

Empower educators, families and therapists to create unique spelling lists that connect to classroom subjects or individual preferences. Target practice has never been more personalized.

High-Quality Images for Real-Life Connections

With vivid and relatable images, spelling becomes an engaging and real-world experience. Connect words to pictures for an immersive learning adventure.


With Go-Togethers, learning is as unique as the individuals using it. We believe that everyone’s journey with language is different, and our customization features reflect that belief.

  • Target Specific Categories: Focus on particular areas or difficulties, allowing for a learning experience that adapts to individual needs.
  • Adjust Difficulty Levels: Tailor the challenge according to the learner’s progress and comfort, ensuring a gradual and rewarding growth.

A Powerful Tool for Response to Intervention (RTI)

Smarty Spell is a great companion for Response to Intervention. The data compilation for individual students kept over time, makes Smarty Spell an obvious choice. The ability to customize spelling lists to individualize to any student’s needs is priceless! To aid in the intervention plan, Smarty Spell includes an easy to read data graph for an at-a-glance visual showing the dates of sessions and the percent accuracy. For more information, tap on the “by lists” at the top of the graph for a breakdown of words studied

Monitoring Progress with Ease 

Accurate and ongoing progress monitoring is crucial for the success of an RTI strategy. Smarty Spell’s automated data collection and insightful report cards make tracking student achievement simple and efficient. Assess and adjust interventions with real-time insights into each student’s performance.

Who Can Benefit from Go-Togethers?

  • SLPs: Provide targeted interventions, customized to individual needs, and easily track progress.
  • Parents: Support children’s language development at home with intuitive and engaging tools.
  • Special Education Teachers: Elevate classroom learning with interactive and visual aids tailored for students’ diverse learning needs.

Track Progress with Precision

Unlocking Achievement through Insightful Data

Instant Feedback:

As students engage with spelling exercises, Smarty Spell provides instant feedback, celebrating success and gently guiding incorrect attempts. This immediate response enhances learning while allowing professionals to identify trends and areas for growth.

Visual Display of Achievements:

A quick glance at the color-coded lists and stars reveals a visual story of each student's progress. Whether they are mastering new words or reinforcing old ones, every success is marked and celebrated.

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Detailed Report Cards:

These digital report cards offer a granular view of each student’s spelling journey. With overall accuracy percentages, session-by-session graphs, and breakdowns of word lists practiced, professionals can zero in on the specifics of a student's development.

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“By Lists” Tab:

By tapping on this tab, teachers and therapists can view a visual graphic of the lists practiced and the success with each list. The information about the last four spelling attempts for each word provides an additional layer of detail for fine-tuning instruction.

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Session-to-Session Tracking:

Monitor how a student's skills evolve over time. Smarty Spell's historical data provides a rich timeline, helping professionals recognize patterns, celebrate improvements, and address persistent challenges.

What Users Are Saying About Smarty Spell

Smarty Spell has touched the lives of educators, students, therapists, and families. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with this transformative app:

 "I've integrated Smarty Spell into my RTI plan, and the results are remarkable. The customizable lists and real-time tracking make it every educator's dream. My students are engaged and showing significant progress."

Deana Kahlenberg

Elementary Teacher

"Combining customizable lists with incredible data compilation, Smarty Spell is a win-win for special education and RTI implementers. The spelling mastery and individualized instruction are exactly what I was looking for."

Mary Huston

Speech-Language Pathologist

"My daughter was struggling with her weekly spelling tests. Since we started using Smarty Spell, her confidence has skyrocketed, and so have her grades! I love how the app aligns with what she's learning in other subjects."

John Walker


The Crucial Role of Spelling: How Smarty Spell Elevates Learning

Spelling isn't just a list of words; it's a vital skill that lays the foundation for effective communication and cognitive development. Whether in academic writing or digital interactions, correct spelling enhances understanding, clarity, and professionalism. Here's why spelling is paramount, and how Smarty Spell is innovating the way we learn:

Mastery of spelling enhances reading fluency and comprehension. Recognizing word patterns helps learners decode new words and build a richer vocabulary.

 Spelling confidence translates into more expressive and accurate writing, empowering students to articulate their thoughts and ideas.

Spelling encourages pattern recognition and analytical thinking, essential skills in problem-solving.

Go-Togethers for Home Use

Spelling Practice at Home Made Easy

With Smarty Spell, bringing the classroom to your living room has never been more seamless or engaging. Whether you’re a parent seeking extra support for your child or a student looking to get ahead, Smarty Spell’s home practice feature offers a tailored spelling experience that adapts to your unique needs.

Tailored Lists:

Easily create customized word lists that align with classroom lessons, special interests, or specific challenges.

Fun Challenges and Rewards:

Smarty Spell turns spelling into a game, with stars, visual rewards, and motivating feedback that keeps learners engaged.

Family Integration:

 Add words related to family members or family-specific language to make learning more meaningful and relatable.

In-App Report Cards:

Keep track of progress with automated report cards that detail accuracy, session percentages, and visual displays of word lists practiced.

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