Match2Say is a cute app that will help the little ones practice saying their speech sounds while playing a matching game. The app allows children to play independently as well as in groups of up to four children. All English sounds are provided and you are able to select from word or sentence levels.


What are special educators saying?

Great app, but may be best for older kids that can read (as I had to do for this second grader). Not a big deal, but if you were looking for an app that required independence with the younger crowd, this app would not meet that need

Jenna Raybun


This app is well thought out and engaging. The game show theme is versatile so it can be used with a variety of age ranges, great if you have students from different grade levels in a session. You can use it for individual therapy and with groups of up to 5. I was thrilled to see that the categories followed very closely with the format of the EET ( Expanding Expressions Tool ) so this app would be a great companion to that system if you use it in your room as well.

Maureen Wilson


Once you get it right, you have the option of recording yourself repeating the sentence to practice speaking correctly. I LOVE this option

Lauren LaCour

Speech-Language Pathologist

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