Phonological Awareness Lab

Empowering Phonological Growth in Children

Building Bridges to Literacy Through Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness Lab (PAL) is a cutting-edge, multi-level game designed to enhance phonological awareness in children. Created by certified speech-language professionals, PAL offers interactive labs that target essential reading skills, including blending, rhyming, and syllable recognition.

Four Key Labs in One iPad App

Created to help teach phonological awareness, PAL incorporates four “labs” to target the essential phonological awareness skills needed for reading, including: sentence segmentation/word counting; blending syllables and sounds; rhyming identification, selection, and matching; and syllable identification and counting. The fun animations within each area make learning these skills fun and engaging.

1. The Sentence Experiment Lab:

Engage in word counting within sentences of varying lengths to enhance listening skills, build phonological awareness, understand sentence structure, and promote interactive learning. By focusing on word segmentation and counting, this lab offers a customizable and engaging experience for learners at different levels, aligning with educational standards and real-world language application.

2. Decoding Room

Experience two distinct activities, Blending Syllables and Blending Sounds, aimed at improving auditory recall and blending abilities. This lab not only enhances phonemic awareness but also fosters reading readiness. With engaging characters like Frankenstein's Monster guiding the activities, children are drawn into an environment that makes complex phonological tasks feel like play.

3. Rhyming Compound:

Dive into three levels of rhyming challenges to fine-tune rhyming recognition and selection skills. Rhyming Identification, Rhyming Selection, and Rhyming Match activities are designed to progressively challenge and entertain. These activities encourage pattern recognition and auditory discrimination, skills essential for developing reading proficiency. The interactive and tiered design ensures that children feel a sense of achievement as they progress.

4. Syllable X-Ray

Customize exercises to target syllable recognition and visual representation. Syllable X-Ray allows personalized adjustments to meet individual needs, providing visual insights into the structure of words. By selecting words based on the number of syllables, children enhance their ability to decode words and recognize linguistic patterns, aiding in reading fluency and comprehension.

Response to Intervention (RTI):

Phonological awareness is not just a vital skill; it's the cornerstone of reading development (Carson, et al, 2013; Hogan, et al, 2005; Power-deFur, 1998). Recognizing its pivotal role, Phonological Awareness Lab (PAL) is strategically designed to align with Response to Intervention (RTI) frameworks, providing a targeted approach to nurturing this essential literacy skill. PAL's integration with RTI is not just about instruction; it's about achieving tangible results and setting students on a path to success. Research has consistently shown that students receiving phonological awareness instruction not only excel in reading but also face significantly fewer decoding difficulties (Carson, et al, 2013; Hogan, et al, 2005). PAL seeks to take this success a step further.

Here's how PAL enhances RTI efforts:

1. Comprehensive Data Compilation: PAL meticulously tracks and compiles individual student data over time, painting a clear and insightful picture of each child’s progress. This information is not just raw data; it’s a roadmap to understanding a student’s learning trajectory and needs.

2. Targeted Intervention Plans: With detailed reports on the number of sessions, targeted activities, and accuracy rates, PAL provides the tools to craft customized and responsive intervention strategies. This targeted approach ensures that each child receives the attention and instruction needed to thrive.

3. Visual Progress Monitoring: Easy-to-read graphs and visual representations break down complex information into digestible insights. Educators, therapists, and parents can swiftly assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and adjust instruction as needed.

4. Empowering Educators and Parents: PAL isn’t just a tool for professionals; it’s a resource for anyone invested in a child’s reading journey. The intuitive design and detailed reporting empower educators and parents alike, creating a collaborative environment that promotes collective success.

Track Progress with Precision

In the ever-evolving world of speech-language pathology and education, monitoring and measuring progress is key. The Phonological Awareness Lab (PAL) app takes this necessity to the next level with its robust data tracking and reporting features, designed to provide concrete evidence of growth in phonological awareness.

Real-Time Insight into Performance:

With PAL, educators, Speech-Language Pathologists, parents, and professionals can gain immediate insights into a child's performance. The app continuously tracks activities, sessions, and accuracy, turning complex data into understandable and actionable information.

Comprehensive Progress Monitoring:

PAL's easy-to-read graphs and visual representations break down each activity's performance, allowing for meticulous progress tracking. This ensures that growth isn't just perceived—it's measurable and visible.

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Customizable Reports for Individual Needs:

Whether it's a classroom setting or a one-on-one session, PAL's data compilation can be tailored to suit individual needs. It allows for tracking trends over time, identifying areas of improvement, and personalizing intervention strategies.

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Alignment with Response to Intervention (RTI):

PAL's data-driven approach seamlessly aligns with RTI, a proven methodology for early detection of reading difficulties. The data supports educators in implementing timely interventions, making PAL an essential tool for RTI strategies.

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Evidence-Based Decision Making:

PAL's data tracking is more than just numbers; it's evidence. It facilitates informed decisions about a child's phonological training, creating a path that's guided by real achievements and challenges. This evidence-based approach maximizes the impact of interventions and enhances learning outcomes.

Shareable and Collaborative:

The app's data is easily shareable with colleagues, administrators, and parents, fostering collaboration and unified efforts in advancing a child's reading abilities.

Video Demo:

Ideal for Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, Parents, and Schools, PAL’s engaging animations, data compilation, and customization features make it a vital tool for phonological growth. Discover how PAL is revolutionizing phonological awareness training and support today.

Phonological Fun That Leads to Fluent Reading.

The Phonological Awareness Lab (PAL) app stands as a pivotal tool in the journey towards proficient reading. Rooted in scientific research, PAL’s innovative approach focuses on strengthening phonological awareness—the foundational ability to recognize and manipulate sounds within words. By targeting essential skills like sentence segmentation, syllable blending, rhyming identification, and sound blending through engaging games and interactive activities, PAL makes the abstract concepts of reading tangible and enjoyable. Its multi-level structure accommodates various learning paces, allowing personalized growth. Moreover, PAL's insightful data tracking offers evidence of progress, ensuring that children, parents, and educators are aligned in fostering reading success. Whether used in the classroom, therapy session, or home, PAL's comprehensive and user-friendly design empowers children to become confident and skilled readers, setting the stage for a lifetime of literacy achievement. It's not just an app; it's a pathway to a world of reading possibilities.

Phonological Awareness Lab for Home Use

Empower Your Child’s Reading Journey

Fun Learning Experience

PAL's interactive games and lively animations turn reading practice into playtime. Whether it's the Sentence Experiment or Rhyming Compound, each activity is designed to captivate young minds while nurturing essential reading skills.

Tailored to Your Child's Needs

With customization features like Syllable X-Ray, PAL allows you to set the difficulty levels and challenges to align with your child's unique learning pace. The app grows with your child, ensuring a stimulating and supportive learning path.

Engaging Multiplayer Capability

Got more than one little scientist at home? PAL supports up to 5 players at a time, making it a delightful family activity that fosters collaboration and friendly competition.

Insightful Progress Tracking

Stay informed of your child's progress through PAL's comprehensive data tracking. Receive visual reports and graphs detailing each session, activities targeted, and accuracy. Witness real growth and celebrate every milestone with evidence-backed insights.

Easy Integration with Daily Routine

PAL's user-friendly interface and diverse exercises can easily fit into your daily routine. Whether it's a quick game before bedtime or a weekend learning adventure, PAL accommodates your lifestyle.

Supporting School Learning

PAL complements school education by reinforcing essential phonological skills needed for reading. It aligns with evidence-based practices, making it a reliable extension of your child's classroom learning

Build the Foundation for Success

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