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Preposition Remix was created­­ specifically to help children improve their mastery of spoken language with the help of prepositions game.  Preposition Remix contains hundreds of carefully selected high-quality images. Perfect for working on the skills needed to understand the relationship between nouns/pronouns and other words, Preposition Remix will help children and English language learners gain the skills needed to follow directions and create grammatically correct sentences.
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Preposition Remix was designed to assist in language therapy by utilizing technology to present prepositions game in a fun and interactive way. Created specifically to help individuals improve their mastery of spoken language; Preposition Remix is ideal for those individuals who struggle with following directions and correct sentence structure, as well as for English Language Learners. In addition, professionals working with individuals with intellectual disabilities may find the fun and functional interactive pictures a great option for those students who require explicit instruction for language skills1.
Prepositions Remix by Smarty Ears

Practice Prepositions with a fun and engaging game!

The majority of states have moved to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the education setting. Knowledge and use of frequently occurring prepositions is expected to begin before Kindergarten and be mastered by the end of first grade2,3. Preposition Remix is a creative and engaging tool created to assist students in meeting the CCSS for English Language Arts Standards for Literacy in Kindergarten and First grade.

Preposition Remix by Smarty Ears

Select from 20 different prepositions in the game

The app is perfect for classroom teachers, special education teachers, speech-language pathologists and even homeschooling parents.

Adjust the levels to meet the needs of the student

The “reinforcement audio” gives the option of “tone” which gives just a small positive mechanical sound to indicate a correct answer or “voice feedback” which both congratulates and gives a detailed reinforcement of what the player did correctly.

Adjustable levels

The “keep going” allows the game to be presented like a screener or test where the student can only attempt the answer once.

The “no response” gives the player multiple attempts at answering correctly, but without any audio recognition if they did it incorrectly. this is a useful option for students who are overstimulated easily, or do not respond well to negative feedback.

The “buzz” option gives the students multiple attempts and provides a buzzing sound to let the student know know that they need to try again in the prepositions game. This gives a nice “game show” effect for students who are motivated by sound effects.

Video Tutorial:

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Not all screen time is made equal! Screen time for learning to use the correct English prepositions is here.

prepositions game report

Automatic data tracking allows for monitoring of learning

What are educators saying?

I’m a speech therapist and LOVE using this app with my students at school!! They love it and I can really see what they know and don’t know. It helps them learn the concepts at a quicker rate of success! Thanks Smarty Ears!

I purchased this app for a 5 year old boy with Autism and we love it. This app has been a great help in teaching him the concepts of near, far, “in front of” and “in the middle”. I also like that you can customize it to what you want to work on.

Elizabeth Gretz


The Evidence of this Resource:

  • Hicks, S.; Bethune, K., Wood, C., Cooke, N., & Mims, P. (2011), Effects of direct instruction on the acquisition of prepositions by students with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis; 44 (3): 675-679.




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