Smarty Ears' Digital Platform for School Districts

Smarty Ears’ digital platform is specifically designed for school districts to help their special education staff amplify their impact on students.

A collaborative data-driven approach to special education intervention for language, literacy, speech and communication

Maximize Impact

Facing staffing shortages? Smarty Ears Online is your ally in overcoming this challenge. By deploying our advanced technology, districts can now allow students to practice IEP goals beyond traditional 1-on-1 interventions.

Partner with Classroom Teachers & Caregivers

Smarty Ears Online is more than a platform; it's a community of collaboration that puts children's unique needs at the center. We believe that true progress happens when everyone involved in a child's education works in harmony.

Automatic Compliance Data

That's where Smarty Ears Online steps in to revolutionize your workflow. With our cutting-edge automatic data tracking feature, compliance becomes an effortless endeavor.