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Social Skills Mastery: Real Scenarios, Real Growth

Empowering Social Communication for Tomorrow's Leaders.

Social Quest is a groundbreaking educational app designed to enhance pragmatic language comprehension and expression in real-world social situations. It provides targeted interventions for older elementary, middle school, and high school-aged populations. With over 800 interactive questions, customizable difficulty levels, and an engaging rewards system, Social Quest takes users on a journey through home, school, and community environments.

Bridging the Gap in Real-World Communication

Developed by Speech-Language Pathologists Rosie Simms and Barbara Fernandes, Social Quest is designed to empower children and teens with the essential social skills they need to navigate the real world. This app has been recognized as the Best Educational App by Teachers with Apps and provides engaging, real-world situations to explore.

Practice from over 800 social situation scenarios

Offering a vast library of more than 800 real-world social situations, the app serves as a valuable tool for developing essential social communication skills. From casual greetings at home to complex problem-solving at school or in the community, Social Quest provides a comprehensive and engaging platform for individuals to practice and master various social contexts. Whether you're a parent, educator, or speech-language professional, Social Quest's diverse scenarios empower users to explore, understand, and confidently navigate the nuanced world of social interactions.

Location-Specific Responses:

Bridging Contexts and Social Skills

Social Quest provides an engaging and insightful feature where users can choose to respond to questions from differing locations: Home (kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, garage/yard); School (classroom, auditorium/library, cafeteria, hallway/office, yard/gymnasium); Community (grocery store, mall, restaurant, neighborhood, movies, doctor/dentist office).

By recognizing the importance of context and offering location-specific scenarios, Social Quest goes beyond traditional social skills training. It delivers a nuanced, comprehensive, and realistic tool that empowers users to understand and adapt to the multifaceted world of social communication. Embrace the journey of contextual social learning with Social Quest, and help individuals thrive in the rich tapestry of human interaction that surrounds us every day.

Impact Story

"This app was reviewed with students in junior high and high school. These students have difficulty with social situations in school and at home. This app provided situations and discussions within the group in a non confrontational manner. The students could practice skills before having a difficulty with a teacher or classmate. The students were engaged and interested in the situations presented since they were relevant to the problems they face. Using the receptive language setting first, the students could choose the correct answers. Later when using the expressive portion of the app, they remembered the situations discussed previously which helped them respond appropriately"

Ashley K.

Common Sense.Org

Fostering Flexible Thinking: Multiple Answers to Social Situations

Social communication is far from rigid; it's dynamic, fluid, and adaptable. In real-world interactions, there often isn't just one correct way to respond. Recognizing this complexity, Social Quest offers an innovative feature that allows students to explore more than one answer in a given social situation, promoting the flexibility of social scripts.

1. Reflecting Real-World Complexity: The app’s scenarios are crafted to mirror real-life situations where multiple appropriate responses might exist. By encouraging students to think of various ways to react, Social Quest nurtures a more nuanced understanding of social interactions.

2. Building Critical Thinking Skills: Allowing multiple answers challenges students to think critically and consider different perspectives. It’s not just about finding ‘the right answer’; it’s about understanding the complexity of human interaction and developing empathy.

3. Encouraging Creativity and Adaptability: Flexibility in thinking is a valuable life skill, helping students adapt to unexpected changes and novel situations. By exploring different answers, students learn that social communication can be creative and adaptable, preparing them for diverse social encounters.

4. Supporting Individualized Learning: Every student is unique, and their way of understanding and engaging with social contexts may vary. By accommodating multiple answers, Social Quest supports personalized learning, allowing each student to connect with the material in a way that resonates with them.

5. Integration with Therapy and Education: For Speech-Language Pathologists, educators, and parents, this flexibility provides an opportunity to discuss with students why different responses might be appropriate in various contexts. It serves as a starting point for deeper conversations about social norms, cultural differences, and personal preferences.

6. Enhancing Confidence and Reducing Anxiety: Knowing that there’s not just one ‘right’ way to respond can reduce anxiety and pressure. It encourages experimentation and learning through trial and error, boosting confidence in social situations.

How does Social Quest Help?

Social Quest takes an innovative approach to enhancing positive social communication by utilizing real-world narratives about situations at home, school, and within the community. This story-based intervention, grounded in research, has been proven effective for children with autism, as outlined in the National Autism Center’s Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools (2011)*.

The app skillfully guides users through questions on what to say, do, and infer in various contexts, targeting essential social skills including:

By integrating effective techniques and relatable scenarios, Social Quest offers a comprehensive and engaging tool for enhancing social communication for children, parents, educators, and therapists alike.

Key Features

  • Receptive & Expressive Activities: Over 800 questions to improve both understanding and response in various social scenarios.
  • Customizable Experience: Tailor the difficulty level, choose specific locations, and focus on individual needs.
  • Interactive Rewards System: Encourage progress with virtual tokens like the Steed and Book of Spells, symbolic of key social competencies.
  • Real-Life Applications: Situations include home, school, and community contexts, targeting skills like perspective-taking, problem-solving, and understanding humor.

Video Demo:

Embarking on a social skills adventure with Social Quest? You’re in the right place! Our video tutorial section is designed to guide both newcomers and seasoned users through the engaging world of Social Quest.

Empowering Social Communication: A Story-Based Approach

Social Quest incorporates narratives about real-world situations in the home, school and community along with questions designed to increase positive social communication. The app is based on story-based intervention, a technique found to be effective for children with autism as documented in the National Autism Center’s Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools (2011)*. Questions about what to say, do, and infer in a wide variety of situations will target skills such as perspective-taking, conversational maintenance and transitions, gauging other people’s reactions, taking turns, problem solving, understanding humor, greetings, and scripts for social contexts. Situations and questions also address development of self-talk for social situations, a strategy that can reduce anxiety and improve communication skills (Sze & Wood, 2007)

Social Quest for Home Use

Navigating social interactions can be a complex journey, especially for children who face challenges with communication. That’s where Social Quest comes into play, bringing the power of targeted social skills development into the comfort of your home.

Real-World Scenarios

Social Quest provides relatable situations from daily home life, helping children understand what to say, do, and infer. These scenarios guide children through greetings, humor, problem-solving, and more, mirroring the experiences they encounter every day.

Customizable Experience

Tailor the app's difficulty level and specific contexts to match your child's unique needs and stage of development. Social Quest's customization ensures a personalized learning path that evolves with your child.

Support for Parents

The app offers a comprehensive report card feature, keeping you informed of your child's progress and achievements. Utilize this data to continue reinforcing skills outside the app and to celebrate your child's successes along the way.

Engaging Activities

With an interactive quest theme, children can earn visual “rewards” that reinforce their progress. The engaging graphics and activities create a fun learning environment that keeps children motivated and invested in their social growth.

Benefits for Various Needs

Whether your child is on the autism spectrum, has speech and language disorders, or simply needs support in building social confidence, Social Quest offers versatile solutions.

Collaboration with Professionals

 If your child is working with a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) or other professional, Social Quest can align with therapeutic goals and provide consistent practice at home.

Accolades & Reviews:

Discover the real impact of Social Quest through the voices of those who have experienced its transformative potential. From educators and therapists to parents and students, the reviews below shed light on how Social Quest has been a game-changer in fostering positive social communication and pragmatic language skills.

Smarty Ears has done it again! They created a fun app to address a difficult skill. Many of my readers are always looking for apps/materials for pragmatic groups. This one should be on your list!

Speech Time Fun

SLP Blog Review

I really like some of the self talk included into this app. It’s a great strategy for our students and I like that the questions directly request those skills. I love the variety of locations for social situations. It’s a great opportunity for discussing that our whole world is social! More than 800 questions are included, which gives it plenty of variety.

Jenna RayBurn

Speech-Language Therapist

An impressive volume of resources and scenarios appropriate for both pre-teen and teenager audiences makes Social Quest spectacular for targeted language practice. Kids navigate scenarios in up to 16 virtual environments that kids might encounter in real life, and instant feedback and long-term rewards help reinforce social problem-solving. The scenarios and responses are realistic, engaging, and helpful for kids who need straightforward social language practice.

Common Sense.Org

Real life situations include discussions related to the home, community and school. The activities target perspective taking, maintaining conversations, watching for other peoples reactions and problem solving situations. Humor, greetings and social scripts are also included. When used with a group, it can facilitate discussion between students about appropriate and inappropriate responses to situations and with each other.

Bridging App Review

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