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Syllables Splash

Making Phonological Awareness Fun and Engaging

An App for Young Children to Learn Syllable Segmentation in a Colorful Underwater Adventure

Introducing Syllable Splash, an innovative educational application created by Smarty Ears, designed to make phonological awareness engaging and accessible to children of all ages. Built on the latest research and expertly crafted to support literacy and language skills, this app turns the complex task of syllable segmentation into a playful under-the-sea adventure.

Dive into Learning: Where Syllables Meet Fun!

Syllable Splash is not just a game; it's an immersive learning experience crafted with the insight and excellence of award-winning Speech-Language Pathologists. Offering nearly 1000 vivid images and words ranging from one to four syllables, it adapts to each child's unique learning pace, making it an invaluable tool for parents, teachers, and SLPs alike.

Literacy Enhancement:

Embark on a journey of literacy discovery! Syllable Splash is designed to enhance literacy skills through visual print, making phonological awareness an exciting and engaging process. Dive into the world of syllables and watch reading skills flourish.

High-Quality Images:

Syllable Splash boasts engaging animations and vibrant, high-quality images that capture the attention of the student. Our underwater adventure theme not only enhances the learning experience but adds a fun twist to education.


Syllable Splash is not a one-size-fits-all app; it's tailored to fit individual therapy needs. From selecting the level of syllable difficulty to choosing between images or written words, the app offers numerous customization options. Adapt the learning environment to keep it within the child’s zone of proximal development. With Syllable Splash, you have the power to craft a personalized learning experience that adjusts to the child's skill level, ensuring a meaningful and productive engagement.

Data Collection:

Keeping track of progress is essential. Syllable Splash includes a feature for student data collection, allowing parents, teachers, and Speech-Language Pathologists to monitor development. Track performance, understand growth patterns, and tailor the experience to meet the unique needs of each child.

The Importance of Learning to Count Syllables:

Syllable counting is more than a simple exercise; it's a foundational skill that leads to a profound understanding of the English language. Here's why learning to count syllables is essential:

  1. Phonological Awareness: Counting syllables helps children recognize the distinct sounds within words. This awareness is a crucial step in learning to read, spell, and write.

  2. Reading and Spelling Skills: By breaking down long words into smaller, manageable chunks, children can decode and encode words more easily. This assists in fluent reading and accurate spelling.

  3. Language Development: Syllable awareness enhances verbal and written expression. It encourages children to explore new vocabulary, enriching their language skills.

  4. Alignment with Educational Standards: Understanding syllables aligns with the Kindergarten/First grade Language Foundations area of the Common Core State Standards. It’s a vital skill for academic success.

  5. Building Confidence: As children master the skill of syllable counting, they gain confidence in their reading and writing abilities. It empowers them to tackle more complex words and sentences, fostering a love for language and literacy.

What Users Are Saying About Syllables Splash

Syllable Splash has been reviewed and praised by several professionals in the field of education and speech-language pathology:

 "Syllables Splash is a ready-made option that is great for tagging onto the beginning or end of a session for some extra practice. For parents, this is an easy-to-use App that empowers them in helping their child develop some of the phonological awareness skills necessary." Read more

Nikki Heyman

Speech-Language Pathologist

"This app can be used to target a lot of phonological awareness goals. We used the same words to target rhyme and alliteration too! The app has a built-in feature that increases difficulty automatically if selected." Read more

Jenna Rayburn

Speech-Language Pathologist

"Syllable Splash is a great tool for educational and clinical speech language pathologists who work with younger students on improving their phonemic/phonological awareness skills. It provides high quality learning expectations in a fun manner. For this reasonable low cost, it is well worth the money."

Educational App Reviewer

Syllables Splash for Home Use

Home Practice is Essential

Syllable Splash isn’t just for the classroom or therapy session; it’s a versatile tool designed to extend learning into the home environment. Here’s how Syllable Splash can make a difference in your child’s learning journey at home:

Tailored to Your Child's Needs

Customizable settings allow you to adjust the difficulty level and content to match your child's learning pace and interests. You can choose from various categories and subcategories to ensure that your child is working on relevant skills.

Enhancing Literacy Skills

The app promotes literacy development by focusing on crucial aspects such as syllable counting, rhyming, and alliteration. By practicing these skills, children lay the groundwork for effective reading and writing.

Parent-Friendly Interface

You don’t have to be a teacher or speech-language pathologist to use Syllable Splash effectively. The intuitive design and clear instructions make it easy for parents to navigate and support their child’s learning journey.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Keep an eye on your child's development with built-in progress tracking and reporting features. You can view detailed reports on their achievements and areas for improvement, helping you stay engaged with their learning process.

Explore, Learn, Grow: Your Adventure in Phonological Awareness Begins with Syllable Splash.

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