Better Hearing and Speech Month 2022 is here and our team wanted to partner with our sister company Smarty Symbols to bring to you a series of webinars designer to give you information about the services and resources we have put together to support children with speech, language and communication delays and disorders. Throughout the month of May you will find over fifteen webinars 100% free to attend. All the webinars will be hosted by speech-language pathologists. Most of the webinars are for speech-language pathologists and we have few for families of children with speech and communication disorders.

Scroll down to find details about the events of this amazing month of Smarty Parties! You can also view and sign up here

  1. Smarty Ears Hosted Webinars

  • May 3rd 1-2 pm: An Overview of Speech & Language Academy
  • May 5th 11 am: Stress free Articulation Therapy
  • May 11th 4:30: Language Therapy with SLA
  • May 18th 11 am: Targeting Vocabulary Growth
  • May 23rd 5:30 pm: Creative Language ideas
  • May 27th 11 am; What’s on SLA for literacy?
  • June 1 6:30 pm: out of the Box Articulation

2. Smarty Symbols Hosted Webinars

Barbara Fernandes, Smarty Symbols Founder and CEO will lead three types of webinars:

  • How to create visual support (For Families) – May 10th, 17th & 24th)
  • Smarty Symbols Webinar for SLPs and Educators (May 3rd & May 19th)

  • Implementing a Playground Communication Boards (May  12th @ 4Pm CST)

This Webinar will focus on supporting families and show them the importance of visual support and home practice as their children receive speech and language services.

Barbara will also lead webinars to professionals about making the most of Smarty Symbols when creating therapy materials:

The final webinar is one that will be great for SLPs, Families, Local park directors, etc: Implementing a playground communication board!



You can sign up for as many webinars as you would like!

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