Top Five Smarty Software Solutions for Speech-Language Pathologists​

As a speech-language pathologist, staying up to date on the latest technology and software solutions is essential for providing quality care and improving patient outcomes. To help you take your practice to the next level, we’ve gathered together our top five favorite smarty software solutions which are guaranteed to make a difference in your daily operations. 

Smarty Software Solutions

Top Five Smarty Software Solutions for Speech-Language Pathologists

Whether you need an efficient workflow management system or an innovative therapy assistant platform, these cost-effective tools will help streamline processes. Take advantage of our suggestion and get ready for smoother workflows from intake all the way through dismissal!

Software for speech language pathologists range from a wide variety of programs and solutions depending on the needs. The main categories of smarty software solutions are:

  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Caseload Management
  • Data Tracking
  • Resource Library
  • Custom Resource Creation
  • Teletherapy Delivery

Many of the solutions can address multiple of the above listed needs with one platform. In this article we will list five of these software solutions for speech-language pathologists.

Smarty Ears is one of the comprehensive software solutions. While it was originally designed to serve as a library of fully interactive activities for speech and language practice with built-in data tracking for each student, it now includes much more…

 Smarty Ears  tackled several of the tasks from the list above:

  1. Caseload Management
  2. Resource Library
  3. Data Tracking
  4. Goal Builder
  5. Home Practice Program

Speech and Language Academy costs $180/year or $19/month for each educator seat to turn your each month into a better hearing and speech month.


Similar to Speech and Language Academy, Smarty Symbols is a platform focused on the learning of the child. It includes over six thousand activities created by other members of the platform. However, the reason educators use it is for its library of 35K images and a designer that allows anyone to create custom learning materials. The designer is easy to use, but also extremely powerful and versatile. SLPs are able to drag and drop the images to create flashcards, visuals support materials, AAC boards, and pretty much anything they can dream up.

Smarty Symbols costs $89/year or $10.99/month for each educator seat for their standard license.

Simple Practice is a platform designed by smarty ears for practice management, which is actually a complimentary software to the previous ones listed. It also allows clinicians to perform several of needed functions in one platform. Including:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Billing
  3. Communication with clients

The platform is designed for clinicians looking to establish their private practice or transition to another software solution as a private practitioner. Simple Practice has be paired with the two solutions listed above because it does not have a lot of features overlap.

SLPToolkit is a beloved software by speech-language pathologists. Like Simple Practice, it also does not overlap with any of the previously mentioned platforms. SLPToolkit is designed to help SLPs stay organized with their caseload. The primary features include:

  1. Caseload Management
  2. Scheduling
  3. Progress Monitoring
  4. Goal Bank

SLP Toolkit is $24/month if charged month or $216/year for each license

Teachers Pay Teachers offers a unique approach to supporting SLPs. While the platform was originally designed for teachers, over the last decade we have seen the rise of TPT as a platform for speech-language pathologists who create their own materials for profit. The platform allows SLPs to have their own business with minimal starting costs.

If you are not a creator yet, you can take advantage of the thousands of materials created by your fellow SLPs available for sale on the TPT platform. Each material has an a-la-carte cost. There are even free materials. 

If you think about selling materials on TPT, you can pair it with a membership to the #2 platform listed on this article: Smarty Symbols. Smarty Symbols has a commercial license that allows you to use their images when creating materials on TPT for a profit.

All Smarty Ears Games in one Comprehensive Platform

Access an ever growing data-driven library of learning and therapeutic activities for speech, language and communication skills.