Supporting Emerging Bilingual Students with Speech Therapy Technologies

In a world where linguistic diversity is rapidly growing, providing the right tools for bilingual speech therapy becomes essential. From home to school, the need to nurture the speech and communication skills of all children is paramount. Smarty Ears Online recognizes this unique challenge and opportunity and is dedicated to breaking down a few barriers. Explore how we are making bilingual speech therapy accessible, innovative, and inclusive for both professionals and students with support for 7 languages. 

Supporting Emerging Bilingual Students with Speech Therapy Technologies

Did you know that only 78% of households in the United States speak English? This means that in 22% of households, a language other than English is spoken. Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the US, with Spanish-English dual language learners making up 33% of young elementary children speaking Spanish at home.

Meanwhile, there are only 10,208 certified bilingual service providers in the United States, according to the American Speech Hearing Association.

The scarcity of Speech-Language Pathologists fluent in languages other than English is not the only barrier that emerging bilinguals with speech-impairment face. A lack of vocabulary learning materials and bilingual speech therapy resources in languages other than English compounds the challenge. But one company, Smarty Ears, is devoted to bridging this gap!

Smarty Ears has always committed to providing essential resources for educators supporting emerging bilingual students. Our technology is utilized by special education professionals fluent in languages other than English, and those who may not speak the student’s native language.

With a founder who immigrated to the U.S., linguistic accessibility is woven into Smarty Ears’ mission.

Smarty Ears developed FonoLogico, an articulation app designed for speech-impairment. Available on the App Store, Fono Lógico provides over 450 carefully selected images to help Spanish-speaking children practice their sounds.

Spanish Articulation App: Fonologico

Fono Lógico Pro includes all consonants in the Spanish language! A valuable tool for Speech therapists and parents, it allows the selection of specific sounds, recording of students’ voices, and the saving of data over time. Fono Lógico even provides accuracy scores and specific feedback on incorrect sound/word production – an excellent resource for homework assignments.

Explore Smarty Ears Online for Bilingual Therapy:

If you prefer an all-inclusive platform rather than purchasing individual iPad apps, Smarty Ears Online offers access to activities addressing a multitude of speech, language, and communication goals.

Smarty Ears Online includes resources in nine languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, French, and German.

This continually expanding library of digital and dynamic games can be leveraged by special education professionals to support language learners and special education students in bilingual speech therapy.

Watch Michelle Posner, a Bilingual SLP, showcase how she uses Smarty Ears Online with her Emerging Bilingual Students:

For 16 years, Michelle Posner, a practicing Bilingual SLP, has advocated for more bilingual SLPs. Her focus, however, predominantly lies in helping monolinguals work more comfortably with bilingual students, overcoming communication and cultural barriers. Watch her present on how she employs Smarty Ears Online (previously known as Speech and Language Academy) with her students.

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