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Following Directions! Remembering discussion! Sequencing! These skills are essential for success in the classroom (Mense, Debney, and Druce, 2013). Auditory Memory Club is an engaging way to help students learn these critical skills!
Auditory Memory Games Club is designed to be used by educators and speech-language pathologists to work on auditory recall and language processing. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and developed by Smarty Ears Apps, Auditory Memory Club is sure to engage learners of all ages and lets them command articulation scenes to succeed in life.
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A Tool Based on Evidence

A single or multi-player app, Auditory Memory Club encourages individuals to develop better active listening skills, which in turn help develop language processing, and memory skills. Language processing skills and auditory memory are necessary to develop a good understanding of words, phonological awareness, and information recall (edublox).
Building and expanding skills such as memory, attention, and other cognitive skills is important for many individuals with auditory processing, attention deficit, autism, and/or language disorders (Bellis, 2013).
These skills are also beneficial to individuals who are English Language Learners (Reading Rockets) and using our reading comprehension camp.

Expand Auditory Memory Skills Anywhere

Individuals with auditory processing disorders often find it difficult to pay attention, listen to, and recall information when it is presented orally (Reading Rockets). Auditory Memory Games Club offers four auditory awareness activities specifically designed to help individuals gain these important skills.

Four Critical Skills targeted:

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I Say You Do

Say You Do is an activity where the learner is given a task to complete. The complexity of the task increases from one-step commands to multiple-step commands as the learner increases in skills.
Following each auditory command, there is a pause before the student can complete the task.
The pause can be lengthened or shortened as needed (up to 100 seconds).
Once the student completes the task, the professional can mark the skill level of the student.
The number of steps automatically increases as the player successfully masters each level.
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What Was That?

At the bottom of the identification screen, a tally counter shows the number of correct and incorrect answers. Green indicates correct, while red indicates incorrect.

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Remember for Amber

In Remember for Amber, the learner is given a series of words to remember. After a customizable delay, the learner is shown pictures and asked to select the items Amber wanted. In this section, the sequence of the items remembered is not critical.
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Let's Put in Order

In Let’s Put In Order, the player is given a series of words and asked to put the pictures in the correct order. The number of words increases in length based on player success.

Video Tutorial:

The app monitors progress so you have confidence the child is actually improving

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Yes! This was done automatically.

Auditory Memory Club specifically targets listening skills and auditory memory; however, through directed language expansion, it can also encourage both receptive and expressive language skills.


  1. Single or multi-player platform
  2. 4 different activities
  3. Auditory Instructions for each activity
  4. High-quality images showing REAL-LIFE objects
  5. Customizable
  6. Data Collection over time for each student
  7. Compatibility with Therapy Report Center for easy report writing and progress monitoring

The Evidence Behind Auditory Memory Club

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