The Articulation Assessment Toolkit (ATT) is an individually administered clinical tool for screening, identification, diagnosis, and follow-up evaluation of articulation skills in English speaking individuals. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, ATT can be used with individuals of all ages. The ATT is a unique tool that provides qualitative information for both sounds in words and sounds in sentences. The Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test is compatible with the iPad and iPhone running iOS 8.0 or above.

Four Articulation Assessments in One

Quick Consonant Screener

Full Assessment (Consonant + Vowels)

R Screener

Sentence Screener

With four different screenings, the Articulation Assessment Toolkit aids in obtaining a complete picture of a client’s overall speech sound ability by assessing and analyzing errors according to both articulation and phonology including those hard-to-assess vowels.

Automatically Generated Results & Reports

“The ability to generate a full report is definitely one of the coolest features of this app, because its not just incredibly time saving but also very detailed.”

Tatyana Elleseff, SLP

The information generated by the app is clearly organized, easy to find, and very thorough.

Maureen Wilson, The Speech Bubble

The Report

The Articulation Assessment Toolkit report is comprehensive and broken down by area similar to the results preview. A detailed analysis and interpretation of the results is included in both a narrative form, and in table form. You are able to print, email and upload the form to third party apps such as iBooks, and Dropbox.
Preview a Sample Report

The Sound Profile

Have you ever dreamed of knowing exactly how your students’ articulation skills fall within the developmental norms? Now you can and you don’t have to do any extra work for it. It sound like a dream com true. The sound profile allows you to display to caregivers how the child performs against research-based developmental norms based on his last evaluation results and his or her age. Welcome to the future!

Marking Speech Errors

The full assessment option has the same basic concepts of the “screening” option for recording errors. However, in the full assessment, when a phoneme is selected as an error, a pop-up menu displays for the SLP to choose which type of error the client made. Simply select the appropriate option.The error type is phoneme specific; for instance, gliding will not appear on a phoneme that is not a liquid and fronting will not appear on a phoneme that is not a velar.
When the SLP chooses “substituted” as the error type, a window pops up to select the substituted phoneme. As the pictures below indicate, the professional can mark if the substitution is a consonant or a vowel.Simply tap on the button to select the specific phoneme the client used in place of the target phoneme. This information will be saved and interpreted by the app. If the production is accurate, do not tap any phoneme; just proceed to the next screen.

Video Tutorial


Oh! My! Gosh! This app is incredible! Talk about a comprehensive way to analyze a student’s articulation skills! I love that, in the full evaluation mode, you can qualify incorrect responses. This is a huge plus in relation to other articulation screening apps that I have tried. The app isn’t standardized, which means I can administer to students to determine targets, monitor progress, and collect data for progress reports without obtaining consent to test (a requirement in my district for administration of standardized testing). This app is a great alternative and definitely a bargain in comparison to the traditional articulation and phonology tests!

Carrie Manchester, Carrie Speech Corner

This app was a first of its kind!! It is such a wonderful tool and is a must for every SLP working with children or adults!! This app is designed to provide an immediate detailed picture of the child’s articulation skills. It goes beyond standard assessments by really dissecting the errors by manner, phoneme, position of the word, place, voicing, and error type (substitution, deletion, distortion, phonological processes). This is invaluable because it can assist the SLP in picking up on patterns in the child’s speech. This more detailed information in crucial for developing an individualized intervention plan.

Amanda Schaumburg M.S. CCC-SLP, Panda Speech

After your assessment is complete, you can then generate a very in-depth report that analyzes the child’s errors by phoneme position, manner of articulation, voicing feature, the specific word errors, place of articulation, and phonological process. It gives an incredible amount of information with no extra work from you! Awesome! You can also add your own recommendations into the report.

The Communication Window

This app has spoiled me and it has changed the way I will complete both articulation screenings and evaluations!  In fact, I have already used the screening mode to update end of the year IEP plans at my school site and stunned some private clients with comprehensive information following brief screening consults.

Nanette Cote, MA, CCC-SLP