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Your Window into Aphasia: Intelligent, Informed, Insightful.

Introducing iScreen Aphasia, a breakthrough tool designed for professionals seeking to uncover and understand the complexities of aphasia. This innovative application is not a treatment, but a powerful screener, aimed at identifying areas of deficits with precision and compassion. Developed with the insights and expertise of leading specialists, iScreen Aphasia offers a window into the nuanced world of language and communication disorders. It guides the path towards personalized care by providing targeted information, helping you take the first critical step in your patient's journey towards recovery. Discover iScreen Aphasia, and empower your approach to speech and communication.

Aphasia Screening for speech therapists

The Future of Aphasia Assessment: Swift, Simple, Smart.

iScreen Aphasia is tailored for Speech-Language Pathologists and healthcare professionals working with individuals who may have aphasia or related communication disorders. In the complex journey of understanding and managing aphasia, it serves as a pivotal tool. It's designed for those who seek to identify specific language deficits quickly and accurately, allowing for more personalized treatment planning.

Why Choose iScreen Aphasia?

Inclusive & Comprehensive

Engage in an expressive and receptive language screening process that pinpoints areas of deficit, assists in diagnosing types of aphasia, and offers accuracy percentages for every area screened, including G code modifiers.


Whether you have access to standardized assessments or not, this app's seamless design allows for quick and efficient screening to guide your therapy plan of care.

Reassessment Tool

Monitor progress and determine discharge criteria with a quick and easy reassessment tool that enhances your practice.

In-Depth Patient Information

Enter crucial patient details such as information about the neurological event, site of lesion, prior level of function, and more, all integrated into the final report.

Guiding the Path to Understanding

iScreen Aphasia redefines the way aphasia is screened by offering a complete expressive, receptive language, and oral motor screening process. This app guides SLPs through the evaluation and assists in diagnosing types of aphasia, providing accuracy percentages for each area screened, including corresponding G code modifiers.

Whether access to a standardized aphasia assessment is available or not, iScreen Aphasia allows SLPs to quickly and efficiently screen patients, aiding in the development of personalized therapy plans. It offers easy reassessment to monitor progress and determine discharge criteria, incorporating detailed patient information into the final report.

Aphasia screener for speech therapists
Aphasia screener for speech therapists

Advance Aphasia Care with iScreen Aphasia

Whether you’re a seasoned SLP or just starting, iScreen Aphasia enhances your professional toolkit, paving the way for precision, understanding, and innovation in aphasia care.

Experience a groundbreaking approach to aphasia screening. Download iScreen Aphasia today and transform the way you evaluate and treat this complex disorder.

Mississipi Aphasia Screener


Offers a complete picture of aphasia, streamlining the diagnostic process and enhancing treatment planning. It guides you through the entire process seamlessly.

Aphasia screener for speech therapists: iScreen Aphasia

Receptive Language Tasks

  • Body Part Identification: Enables a basic understanding of a patient’s ability to connect physical gestures and words.
  • ID Objects (Simple & Complex): Assess the recognition and understanding of both simple and complex objects, allowing for a nuanced analysis of receptive language.
  • 1-3 Step Directions: Evaluate the ability to follow multi-step directions, an essential skill for daily living and communication.
  • Story Comprehension: Tests the patient’s listening skills and ability to comprehend and recall information from a story.
  • Yes/No Questions: Examines the understanding of basic conversational elements.

Expressive Language Tasks

  • Automatic Speech Tasks: Evaluate the ability to produce speech spontaneously and naturally.
  • Gestures: Assess the ability to convey information through movements and physical expressions.
  • Naming Objects: Test the capacity to recall and articulate the names of everyday objects.
  • Phrase/Sentence Completion: Analyze the ability to complete given phrases or sentences, showcasing grammatical understanding.
  • Repetition: Determine the skill to repeat words and sentences, revealing potential issues with memory or speech production.
  • Oral Spelling: Test the ability to spell words orally, offering insights into cognitive-linguistic skills.
  • Written Words: Assess the skill to write words, reflecting literacy and motor coordination.
Aphasia screener for speech therapists: iScreen Aphasia

Reading and Reading Comprehension Tasks

Evaluate both the ability to read aloud and comprehend written text, essential for functional communication.

Oral Motor Assessment: Lingual and Labial evaluations

Assess the range of motion, strength, and coordination of the tongue. This includes tasks such as tongue protrusion, lateralization, and elevation, which are vital for articulation, chewing, and swallowing. By examining the tongue’s ability to perform these functions, therapists can detect potential impairments affecting speech and feeding.

Data & Analytics: Precision at Your Fingertips

iScreen Aphasia isn’t just about assessing; it’s about understanding, tracking, and analyzing. Our robust data and analytics feature set your practice apart by offering the precision and insights you need to elevate patient care.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate easy-to-read, comprehensive reports on screening results, including details on neurological events, lesion sites, prior levels of function, and more. Whether it's for a quick review or a detailed analysis, have the data you need right at your fingertips.

Progress Monitoring

Use iScreen Aphasia as a powerful reassessment tool to monitor progress and determine discharge criteria. The app's intuitive design allows for smooth tracking of improvements and adjustments to care plans.

Accuracy Tracking

Get percentages of accuracy for each area screened, along with corresponding G code modifiers. Assess the specific areas of strengths and weaknesses in expressive, receptive, and oral motor language to tailor therapy plans that align with individual patient needs.

Informed Decision Making

With all this data at your disposal, make evidence-based decisions that resonate with individual patient needs. iScreen Aphasia's analytics turn raw data into actionable insights, bridging the gap between assessment and effective treatment.

Secure Data Management: Localized and Locked Down

Understanding the importance of privacy and security in the field of healthcare, iScreen Aphasia employs a localized data storage system that ensures all patient information and assessment results are kept secure, private, and confined to your iPad.

Automatic Report Generation

This report was automatically written for you as soon as you are done testing. Just print and attach to the patient’s chart.

iScreen Aphasia enhances the SLP’s toolkit, providing not just a screening tool but a pathway to precision and excellence in aphasia care. The application’s final report can be effortlessly printed or emailed, offering a simple-to-read, comprehensive overview of the screening results, thereby advancing the understanding, management, and treatment of this complex disorder.

Video Demo:

Navigating the complexities of aphasia screening should be a seamless process. That’s why we’ve crafted a series of engaging and informative video tutorials to guide you through iScreen Aphasia’s features and functionalities. Whether you’re a seasoned Speech-Language Pathologist looking to streamline your assessments or new to our app and curious about how it can elevate your practice, these tutorials are designed with you in mind.

From the in-depth oral motor assessment to multi-step receptive language tasks, our videos will walk you through each aspect of the app, ensuring you make the most of iScreen Aphasia. Gain insights from professionals, see the app in action, and discover how iScreen Aphasia is revolutionizing the way SLPs approach screening, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

Click on the videos below to embark on a journey towards more efficient and effective patient care.

Confidential Care: Your Data, Your Device

  1. On-Device Storage: All data is stored exclusively on your iPad, not in an external cloud or third-party server. This unique approach means you have full control over the information, without the risks associated with remote data storage.

  2. No Unwanted Data Transmission: Since the data remains on your device, there’s no chance of unauthorized access or accidental sharing over the internet. You can rest assured that sensitive information is shielded from potential cyber threats.

  3. Easy Yet Secure Access: While keeping data secure, the app still offers seamless access to information when you need it. Whether it’s reviewing a patient’s history, generating a report, or tracking progress, everything is readily available, all within the secure environment of your iPad.

  4. Compliance Confidence: With on-device storage, you maintain compliance with stringent healthcare privacy regulations. By keeping data localized, iScreen Aphasia aligns with best practices for patient confidentiality and regulatory adherence.

  5. Backup and Restore Options: Although the data is confined to your device, iScreen Aphasia offers user-friendly backup and restore options, allowing you to manage your data responsibly without sacrificing accessibility.

Trust in the knowledge that with iScreen Aphasia, patient data is not just a collection of numbers and notes but a carefully guarded asset. In an age where data breaches and cyber threats are ever-present, take solace in a solution that respects the integrity of your practice and the privacy of those you serve.

Smart Screening for a Stronger Insight into Aphasia.

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